Three Way Craps

When you place an any craps or three way craps bet, you are betting on the 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, and 6-6 combinations to be rolled.

When you place an any craps or three way craps bet, you are betting on the 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, and 6-6 combinations to be rolled. This bet has a 7:1 payoff, and the chances of it occurring is 8:1 against you, based on the 32 ways it can be made.

It is possible for you to bet on any of the three way craps bet combinations separately, with the house holding their thumb on your head all the time. You could use a Three Ways Craps bet when you want to protect your Pass Line bet and you want to hedge an opposite bet of lesser value to offset the chance of a big loss or against a craps number killing that bet.

By tossing 2 one-dollar chips to the craps stickman, and saying "Any Craps", you will reduce your profit on this shoot to 13 dollars, if 7 or 11 shows. Any other amount becomes the shooter's point. If craps shows, you lose the 15-dollar Pass Line bet, but pick up 14 dollars (7:1) for the Any Craps wager you made. You are better off by making the payoff better and hedge stronger.

The bottom line on Three Way Craps is that the decision is yours. Whatever way you choose, stay with it the whole time. Do not start bouncing your decisions all over the place. What’s our opinion on what to do? Hedge against a fifteen-dollar Pass Line bet, and higher, with 3 Way Craps.

Anyone who loves to play craps, from novices to long time professionals, can benefit from a few valuable three way craps tips. Craps is a game that is partly based on luck and the three way craps bet is no different. Craps is also based on the player's ability to understand what bet to make, though, based on the scenario he or she is in. First of all it is important to understand the odds and craps and three way craps bets before you play. Every craps bet offers its own winning odds and house edge and some bets are a better bet for the craps player than others. Ensure that you know all the types of bets before playing craps. When playing online, use software simulators to play free craps and practice before you play for real money bets.

Part of any casino winning strategy is knowing which bets to avoid because they offer low odds. Look out for the props box, also called the proposition area. Once you have found this area follow this online craps tip: Avoid it like the plague! You will find it in the center of the craps table and because propositions bets have such a high house edge we recommend you stay away from them.