Craps Review

An Overview

On any casino floor, gamblers are drawn to the craps table because of the boisterous playing and seemingly strange language permeating from the area. In actual fact, craps are considered one of the simpler games to understand among casino games. Once players have a basic comprehension of the game’s rules and different betting options they can soon be playing this dice game with very little trouble.

The Objective

The game of craps is played around a customized table with a unique layout. Players need to wager on the outcome of two dice and they play against the house. Before the dice are rolled across the craps table, the players predict the outcome on the dice through a variety of betting variations. When the dice come to a standstill, all winning bets are paid out accordingly.

Betting Variations in Craps

One of the most important things to learn about the game of craps is the different ways in which players can bet around the table. There are essentially two ways to bet – over a series of rolls or on the immediate outcome of the throw. For example, players can bet that certain numbers will not come out in certain rolls, or they can bet that the next roll will result in a particular number being thrown.

The History

Craps, which probably owes its origins to the game of Hazard created by English knights in the 12th century, was already an extremely popular pastime in Medieval England. In fact, the game is commonly cited in popular texts of the time such as those written by the author, Geoffrey Chaucer. The game was introduced to the French in the 1600s who promptly changed its name to Crabes. Craps made an early migration to the United States, probably with the Mayflower, and was spread across the New World by travelers up and down the Mississippi River. In 1907, John H. Winn created the first official ground rules for craps and the rest, as they say, is history. Craps became enormously popular at Las Vegas casinos and continues to hold a place of honor among land-based games, as well as online.

Online Craps & Craps Tournaments

It was only natural that a casino game as popular as craps would make a seamless transition to the world of online gambling in the 1990s. The game is played at thousands of online casinos on the internet among fans from around the world, who gather at virtual crap tables to enjoy their favorite pastime. Chat features keep players connected with one another. Another popular form of entertainment is craps tournaments, which come with great prizes at the end for the lucky winner. Tournament terms and conditions vary from site to site and it is a good idea to check the finer details before joining up for one.


Players who are after a simple game that doesn’t require much skill beyond understanding the wagering variations, and one that is dependent mostly on chance, will find what they are looking for in craps. Playing at online casinos – especially in practice mode – will allow players to brush up on their knowledge of the game and hone their skills for thorough enjoyment of this excellent game.