Come Out Roll in Craps

To understand how craps or online craps is played you need to know the terms used to play the game like the Come Out Roll.

To understand how craps or online craps is played you need to know the terms used to play the game. Let's look at the most common terms used while playing, including the Come Out Roll, which is where all the action begins.

The Come out roll is the 1st roll in a new game of craps made by the shooter (who throws the dice) and it is also the first roll after the point has been established. The craps come out roll decides whether the shooter wins, loses or continues the game.

The marker, which looks like a puck, will let you know what stage the craps game is in. If the marker shows ‘off’ and is black then the player has yet to make his point. If the marker shows ‘on,’ is white, and has been placed on a number, then that is the craps point, which the craps player has already established.

Before entering, be aware of the craps game in question. Is it really a come out roll or is it a roll in the middle of a hand? Try to identify the shooter but don’t push in or crowd the shooter. If you do this, it is an invasion and usually breaks the energy, which will result in the seven out. If you wish to play while standing next to the shooter, be very patient and wait until the shooter has completed the hand. Try to make it a personal rule to never enter in mid-game and to never interrupt the shooter. The shooter is nervous and easily distracted.

When you have chosen your craps position and you are ready to buy in, do so at least when the dice are in front of the craps box man or during the come out roll. Do not toss in your money and rating card with a ‘help me immediately’ attitude, or an I am in this game kind of energy. Get the dealers attention by politely putting down your money with the rating card that states how much you have and if you want to book a bet or want no action.

If you are not going to wait for the come out roll and decide to buy-in during the middle of a hand, please do this when the dice are in the middle and only when you can see that your buy-in isn’t going to hold up the game. Don’t call for a marker and don’t make bastard bets that confuse the dealers and require repeated explanation. You owe it to the other players to get in with a low profile allowing for the flow to continue. If your buy-in is not handled properly, it can be an interruption and cause the game to break down. There is always plenty of time and you do not have to rush anything.