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Underage Play Underage Play CasinosOnline.co.uk  Policy on Underage Play (18+)

It is illegal in the UK for anyone under 18 to open an account and play at online casino.   

The Underage Gambling Problem

CasinosOnline.co.uk is an online casino comparison site that has a strong belief in protecting children from the risks which come with real money gambling. We understand that children must be sheltered from gambling and the negative things that can come with it.

There are many reasons why children need to be protected from gambling. Not only is it illegal for them to gamble, but they aren’t emotionally ready for everything that comes with it. Adults have the maturity and the life experience to deal with the ups and downs of gambling while still keeping their wits about them.

An adult understands what can happen from seeing a bad turn of events from their gambling. They have a full understanding of how gambling can affect the other aspects of their life. Children aren’t in an emotional place to have this understanding yet.

Children are still emotionally developing and they haven’t had to face the world from the financial stand point that adults have. This means they don’t yet have a full understanding of what losing at gambling can truly cost them. Plus, they are not in an emotional place where they can fully process the risks and the impact of the ups and downs of gambling.

Children are much more vulnerable when it comes to developing a gambling addiction. In fact, studies have shown that a child is four times more likely to develop a gambling problem than an adult is. This is why it is very important that the age requirements regarding gambling are always followed.

Preventing Underage Gambling

Preventing underage gambling begins in the home. Below are a list of the steps parents and other adults in the household can take to protect the minors in their home from falling prey to the dangers of underage gambling:

Close running applications

Anytime you are playing games or gambling online you want to be sure you close the applications when you walk away from the computer. Kids will always be interested on playing games and leaving open your apps is just asking for trouble.

Protect your Passwords

Some browsers want to save your passwords, making it easy for you to log right in. However, if you gamble online and have minors in your house then you want to make sure your browser is set not to do this. You also want to make sure you don’t write your password down where it can be found or let the kids know what your passwords are. Protecting your password can go a long way with regards to keeping your minor kids from getting in trouble with online gambling.

Use Monitoring Software

There is software on the market which will prevent minor children from accessing information which is not age appropriate for them. By installing one of these programs onto your computer you will help your child remain protected from the dangers of online, underage gambling. Net Nanny, Surf Control, and Cyber Sitter are a few of these programs which have proven to be good choices with parents already.