Craps Tournaments

For the serious craps player, real challenge and excitement comes from playing in craps tournaments.

Craps Tournaments – Playing Craps in Groups

If you’re an experienced Craps player, you’ll find Craps Tournaments are much more challenging and exciting than regular Craps gambling. When playing online or casino craps, your objective is to “beat the house”, whereas in the tournaments you’re trying to win more money than your fellow players. The focus shifts, and there is a more competitive air.

How Craps Tournaments Differ from Regular Craps

In craps tournaments, you are given a fixed amount of “money” with which to gamble. This is not necessarily real money or tokens, although it can be, but rather represents a fixed stake for starting tournament gambling. All tournament players start out with this same stake, just as all players in, say a Monopoly game, start with the same amount of money.

During the tournament the winnings are also “funny money”. The tournament players walking away from the craps table don’t have a chance to cash in their chips and keep the fruits of their success, if any. Instead, the amount of money that they finish each game with is recorded. The relative standing of the tournament players is based on these winnings, and this makes good sense: if two players sit down to the same craps game with $100, and one walks away with $75, while the other ends up with $200, then it stands to reason that the second player played a better game of craps than the first player.

Please note that this refers to the tournament players only. In many bricks-and-mortar casinos, (as opposed to online casinos,) tournaments are conducted both separately and together with the normal table gaming. Tournament players can sit together and interact with non-tournament players. The participants in the craps tournaments will be subtly identified, perhaps with a discrete badge or a different stack of chips, because it’s incumbent upon the dealers, stickmen, etc., to know the tournament participants and make sure they obey all of the tournament’s rules and regulations. But regular casino visitors will just know there are more players at the craps table. Other tournaments are closed to the general public, and in those tourneys, every player at the table will be your adversary. This is clearly a big psychological difference, one not to be underestimated.

How to Play in Craps Tournaments

As with other kinds of craps games, craps tournaments can be played either in a bricks-and-mortar casino or online, from the comfort of your own desk and your home computer. (Playing online craps at work is not recommended.)

For a land-based casino, the easiest way to get in on the excitement of Craps Tournaments is to join the casino’s player’s club, give your contact details for notifications, and play craps using your member’s card. When the casino’s marketing department learns you like to play craps, they’ll start notifying you of upcoming tournaments. Also, casinos usually have an announcements area by their player’s club desk, and on their website as well, with the same scheduling information.

For online casinos, just look for a “Tournaments” link on the website, and off you go.

No matter how you play, you can turn the excitement up a notch with Craps Tournaments.