Roulette Review

American vs. European Roulette

European roulette generally has only one zero on the roulette wheel, which brings the house edge down quite considerably, making it a good choice for the average player. When the game arrived in the United States, casino owners looked for ways to improve their profits and included an extra 0 – thus American roulette wheels include a slot for a 00 as well. This pushes the house edge up to 5.26%. Online roulette players should pick casino sites that offer European roulette for a better chance of winning.

Roulette Tournaments

Many players also seek out roulette tournaments online, where they buy in chips and stand in line to win a big prize if they are lucky enough to win. Short tournaments are especially popular as, if luck is on their side, players can hit a winning streak and walk away with a significant profit.


Whether it is due to the game’s rich history, its opulent image, its simplicity or a combination of all, roulette is a game that has players coming back for more. Thanks in part to the advent of internet gambling, roulette has come back into fashion and it remains a firm favorite among online gamblers today.