Understanding the Craps Table Layout

Gambling in craps games is much more enjoyable for those who’ve mastered the craps table and know where to place their bets.

Knowing Craps betting is all about knowing where on the Craps table to place your bets. The wise gambler puts chips down on the proper spots on the green felt, knows when to approach the base dealers and when to deal with the stickman, and uses correct Craps terminology and etiquette.

Recognizing the Craps Table

The Craps table is a long rectangular table. It is usually covered in green felt, and there is a lot of printing on it. The printing is mostly done in white, with some of the printing in other colors. Nowadays, yellow and red are often used for printing on the Craps table. Printed on the Craps table, you will find spaces for all the different bets that you can make. If you can't find the Craps table, look for the place on the casino floor where there is a lot of noise as the players are often cheering on the shooter or the dice. In a quiet time, some casinos only open half the Craps table for play, seeing as the same bets are found on each half.

Who Runs the Craps Table?

When the whole Craps table is open for play, there are four casino employees who run it. The boxman oversees the whole table and supervises the dealers. There are two dealers who each stand on one side of the table, next to the boxman. The dealers collect and pay off bets. The stickman stands on the same side as the players and opposite the boxman. The stickman deals with the bets in the center of the table, calls out the results of each throw, and collects and distributes the dice with a long wooden stick.

A Brief Description

The printing on the Craps table is the same on each side, so there is no need to worry where you find a place to stand around the table. No matter where you stand, you will be able to place all your chips on the Craps table with ease. The center of the table shows the place where hardways and one roll bets can be placed. On each end you will find sections for all the other bets. These bets include the pass line, field, come, don't come, and place bets.

Let ‘Em Roll!

It is important to remember that one of the main functions of the Craps table is to have a place to roll the dice. After all, the whole point of Craps gambling is betting on the outcome of dice rolls, so you have to “let ‘em roll.” You should try to keep your chips out of the way. Keeping them neat and in the correct spaces should help. The dice should touch the far wall which surrounds the table. Should one of the dice fall off the table, usually the shooter will be asked to select another die from the dice that the stickman had earlier passed to him. If the same die is used, it will first be inspected by the boxman.

With knowledge of the Craps table memorized, you will much better understand what’s happening, and derive much more enjoyment from your time spent playing casino Craps.