Bingo Review

An Overview

One of the games that have taken the world by storm in the past few years is the game of bingo. From its dusty image as a game of chance for ‘little old ladies in church halls’, bingo has become a classy, entertaining and profitable pastime that is enjoyed in bingo halls and at online bingo sites all over the world. The game draws players like a magnet and it is definitely one of the fastest growing industries in the gaming world.

The Objective

Almost everybody is familiar with how bingo is played due its familiarity to traditional childhood games, as well as sharing several elements with the lottery. Essentially, players acquire a grid of numbers and then match randomly selected numbers to those on their grid to fill certain patterns (horizontal, diagonal, etc.). The first player to complete the predetermined pattern yells BINGO! and is declared the winner.

The History

Bingo traces its history back to the first official lottery played in Italian in the 1500s. The French nobility adopted the idea and changed its name to ‘le Lotto’. The popularity of the lottery spread across Europe and finally made its way to the shores of the United States in the late 1920s. Edwin Lowe, a traveling salesman, was the first to market the game of bingo and sell it to the masses. The popularity of bingo peaked in the 1930s and continues to be played in various forms across the country, not only as a community game but also in commercial gambling establishments. Bingo halls are also a common and much enjoyed form of entertainment in the United Kingdom.

BIngo goes Online

It comes as no surprise that bingo very quickly attracted the nouveau-gambler – players who seek their gambling fun on the internet. Thousands of virtual bingo halls have sprung up in the past decade, offering progressive jackpot prizes, multi-card options, an excellent social vibe and all the convenience factors involved with playing a great game from the comfort of one’s own home. It is generally believed that online bingo is the most common form of chance games played by internet gamblers

The Social Side of Bingo

One of the major draw cards to bingo is the exciting social element. Online players are attracted to bingo sites for their buzzing chat rooms, friendly chat monitors and active e-communities, no less than for their game options. Thanks to the chat rooms, players get to meet other bingo fans from all over the world and to make great friends, all the while playing their favorite game. Online bingo companies recognize that an active social side to their site generates more player traffic and usually do all that they can to make chatting as simple and as fun as possible.


There is no doubt that bingo has managed to make a successful transition to the online casino world and, as such, has brought the game to the fingertips of million of players who – otherwise – would not have considered playing the game. The excellent combination between familiarity, fun, challenge, variety and profitability, as well as the social side of the game, means that bingo is truly one of your best bets in the world of online gambling!