Casino Reviews

The best way to find the most up-to-date, reliable and objective information about online casinos is to check out online casino reviews.  These reviews have been put together by a team of online gambling experts who know exactly what discerning players are looking for in their gaming experience.  Only the most important information is included in casino reviews.  You’ll learn which software giant powers the site, where the casino is licensed and regulated, what types of bonuses and promotions are offered, which games are available on the platform and what types of payment methods are supported.  Casino reviews will teach you about jackpots up for grabs and the site’s industry reputation, to help you find the best online casino for you.

Understanding the Review

Casino reviews are designed to give you an overview of the user experience as a player. In addition, they give you information about the company behind the casino and the level of customer support that they offer.

Reviews will tell you what games you can play at the casino and the platforms that are available - desktop, mobile etc. You will also get information on industry bodies that the casino is involved in, and you can read user reviews from other players.

General Ratings

The general ratings that you find in a casino review are determined by our expert team of reviewers. They look in detail at the offering from the casino including the various software platforms that are available, the range of games that are available, and the level of customer support that you can expect. They also look at affordability, the level of promotions, and special offers that the casino makes available. All of this is put together to form the overall rating of the casino. It is helpful because the reviewers are experienced casino players so know what to look out for. It also helps when you are comparing different casinos, as the general rating will indicate the best in specific categories.

User Ratings

When buying or using any service online it is always helpful to find out about the experience of other customers. Were they happy with the service? Did they get what they expected? Was the level of customer support sufficient? We offer you this information when you are looking at online casinos through our user reviews. All users who write reviews with us tell us briefly about their experience, whether it is good or bad. Typically, they highlight the things that were most important to them. This could be anything from getting a generous welcome bonus to finding a particular game that they enjoy playing. In addition to their thoughts, they also rate the casino out of 10.

Casino Games

Every online casino available in the UK offers different games. They generally fall into standard categories—slot games, casino games, table games etc.—but the actual games within each category are different. Our casino review looks firstly at the software provider who created the games, as this is a good indication of quality. We then look at the range of games that are available. Quality is always important but it is also good to have as broad a range of high quality games as possible as it means you are more likely to find the game you like. Finally, we look at the actual game play and take into account things like speed, graphics and usability.

Customer Support

A key part of a casino review is looking at the level of customer support that is offered by an online casino. This varies greatly from casino to casino and includes things like online FAQs, help telephone numbers, email support and live chat facilities. The availability of the customer support is important, with some casinos offering 24 hour support while others close at certain times of the day. This information is collated and presented so that you have the information you need to make your decision when choosing an online casino. This does not end there. We go further to look at the quality of the customer support. This includes things like speed of response and level of satisfaction with the outcome.