Playing Craps with a Live Dealer

The game of craps is one of the most exciting, fast paced casino games around today. Let’s look at the difference between online craps and live craps.

The game of craps is undeniably one of the most exciting, fast paced casino games around today. Lets look at the difference between online craps and live craps.

Craps players often find that the excitement of the casino is part of the allure of the game. However, craps is now offered as an online game, and many players are slowly getting used to the idea that online craps also has its advantages. Given the high popularity of live craps, it’s only natural that the online craps game would be popular as well.

Before beginning any craps play, whether online craps or live craps, it’s important to know what you’re getting into first. Gaining an understanding of the various types of rules, wagers and concepts behind the game will definitely help before you play. You will find plenty of online resources that can help you achieve success with craps. A clear understanding of various protocols will enhance your game whether online or live.

Online craps and live craps games are pretty much more or less the same. They have the same, but there are some differences to make a note of before choosing which way to play craps. With live craps games, you will get to take in the atmosphere and excitement of the craps table. There’s a lot of loud voices and excited chatter which makes a live craps game enjoyable if you like this type of vibe. With online craps games, you won’t get the same type of atmosphere and interaction with other players, but some people might prefer this peace and quiet.

The actual game playing itself also differs in some respects. For example, at a live craps game you will always be expected to bet. This makes sense, because casinos do not have the time and money to operate “practice tables.” When playing online craps, however, you can choose to play for free or at one of many practice tables in order to get a feel for the game first.

The interaction between players is also different, as the live craps game action is very hands-on. For example, the shooter throws the dice and determines which numbers are rolled in that way; but with online craps, the random number generator determines everything. Because of this, you should find a reputable and well-known online craps casino to avoid getting tricked.

Because live craps and online craps have the same rules, it really boils down to personal preference as far as online versus live craps goes. If you prefer the hubbub of a casino, you might be disappointed with online craps. If however you prefer relative quiet games and anonymity, try out online craps. Anonymity is a benefit for those who would like to play craps but feel too intimidated to do so at an actual casino.