Online Casino Games

The best online casinos in the UK offer a broad range of high quality games. This means you have several hundred different games to choose from. In terms of quantity the biggest category is slots - you will find slots themed on almost every subject that you can think of, and with varying jackpot levels. As well as slots, casinos offer traditional favourites like roulette and blackjack in addition to poker games, table games and live games.

Real Money

Popular Online Casino Games

The most popular games can vary from casino to casino but the usually include blackjack and roulette. Players like the familiarity and excitement that both of these games offer. Live versions of both usually also feature. In addition, slot games are popular among UK casino players.

Slots with a theme based on well-known characters, super heroes, television programmes or movies are usually the ones that are played the most. Also, games that offer large jackpots are popular as players look to take home the big wins.

Table Games

All high quality online casinos in the UK offer a range of table games. These games are based on games that are played in in real life casinos. The two most popular table games are roulette and blackjack. You will typically find several variations that you can play. For example you could play European roulette, American roulette, 3D roulette or live roulette. A similar variety of options exists for blackjack-themed games. In addition to blackjack and roulette, there are other games that you will typically find under the table games section of an online casino. This includes poker-related games such as hold'em, three card poker and other variations. Other games that you will find include baccarat and craps.

Card Games

Card games are one of the most popular types of game to play at an online casino. There is a wide choice of options that include traditional games plus fun and interesting variations. The most popular is blackjack. You will often have the option of playing against the computer or joining a live game where you have a real dealer and other players at the table that you can chat and interact with. This makes the casino experience even more real. Other card games that you can play include poker games. Most casinos will offer a number of different variations including Texas Hold'em, Jacks Or Better, Three Card Poker, Deuces Wild Double Up and Stud. Other card games that you will find include pontoon and the ever popular baccarat.

Video Poker

Video poker games are based on the classic poker card game but are played against a computer. Game creators have created an amazing different range of video poker options. These options offer variations on the traditional rules as well as fun and interesting themes. They also offer you more chances to win than the normal rules of poker. When you play at a high quality online casino you will find video poker games that offer excellent graphics as well as a range of different betting options. This means you will find one that suits your level of experience and the amount of money that you want to bet. Typically, you can also take advantage of free play options so that you can get used to the game.


Choice is not a problem when it comes to online slots in the UK as you will find hundreds of different options to choose from. They are all based on the same principle, however, which is spinning the reels to match up the symbols and win. Themes are available on almost every topic you can think of including super heroes, movies, television shows and more. All of the main online casinos offer hundreds of slot games, but it is not just the theme that sets each game apart. There are also varying bonus options, pay lines and wilds to spice up the fun. You can play many of the slots for free to learn how they work and get comfortable with the game.

Free Online Casino Games

A key part of the excitement and fun of playing at an online casino is the potential of winning a big payout or jackpot. You don't always have to play for money, though, as most reputable casinos also offer free online casino games.

These are usually their standard games in free mode. The benefit of playing for free is that you can learn the rules and get familiar with the game before you start wagering your own money. Some casinos also offer free games to members as part of promotional campaigns.

Fun Mode

Fun mode is also known as free play in some online casinos. It is a feature that allows you to play the games offered by the casino without wagering any money. It enables you to learn the rules and get familiar with the game play. Free modes are available on the slot games at most of the high quality UK casinos, as well as on some of their other games. One thing to remember is that the games in free mode are often set up slightly differently. They simulate exactly how the game plays when you wager money, but the win ratios are different. They are still a fun way to familiarise yourself with a game before you start betting.

No Deposit Bonuses

If you have been a member of an online casino before you will know that bonuses are an important part of the experience - bonuses are a way for casinos to give back to their members. Many of the bonuses are related to deposits, i.e. when you make a deposit into your casino account you are given an additional amount of money as a bonus. Some casinos from time to time also offer no deposit bonuses. These often come with some sort of requirement, such as registering an account, but you get the bonus cash without having to make any deposit at all. This is one of the best ways of playing the games at online casinos for free.


There are several ways that you can play games at online casinos for free. One of them is by taking advantage of the promotions run by the casinos. All the main casinos in the UK do this as a way of competing for customers, and it means you are spoilt for choice. At any time each casino will have several promotions running for both new members and for existing members. They can range from deposit bonuses to prize draws to free game offers. Most of the time there are conditions like making a deposit or staking an amount, but promotions give you more bang-for-your-buck, and they allow you to play at the casinos for free.

Playing Online Casino Games for Real Money

The main reason for most players joining an online casino is to play for real money. There are a few steps you should take before starting. This includes making a deposit but you should also set yourself cash or time limits to maximise your enjoyment.

Then you should choose your game and play it in free mode whenever possible so that you become familiar with the rules. When you are ready you can start playing for real money, but start out slowly with low amounts to build up your confidence.

Choosing you Casino and Games

Before you start playing at an online casino for real money you have to choose the casino, and the game you want to play. Several high quality online casinos are available in the UK so you have to choose the best one for you. Start by reading reviews of the casino, and of the individual games that they have available. This will help you understand if the casino offers what you want - a particular type of game, an amount of welcome bonus, the ability to play on your mobile phone, etc. Don't just look at the offers casinos have for new players though, as customer service levels as well as ongoing bonuses, promotions and giveaways are just as important.

Making a Deposit

Part of the process of registering and using an online casino is making a deposit. Over recent years the larger online casinos have worked hard to make this process as simple as possible. This includes having forms that are quick and easy to fill out but also includes offering multiple payment methods. Credit and debit card payment options are always available but you also have alternatives. These include paying by bank transfer or via one of the many online or voucher e-wallet services that are available. Examples of these include Paypal, Skrill and Ukash. To ensure your privacy and protection make sure you choose a reputable online casino as they will have sufficient security measures in place.

Bankroll Management

Your bankroll is the money that you have in your online casino account. Managing this is essential to an enjoyable and fulfilling online casino experience – obviously, you don't want to lose all your money quickly. Although there are no guarantees, the aim of bankroll management is to minimise your risks. There are several ways that you can achieve this, including deciding on how much you can realistically afford to play with. Once you have made this decision, stick with it. You should also split up your bankroll over time. This will ensure you don't go through your monthly budget in the first few days. It is also useful to separate your winnings from your bankroll, and it is essential to know when to stop playing.