Craps Gambling - How to Enjoy Gambling at Craps

Craps gambling has been around for over a hundred years. The game has changed somewhat over time, but is still the exciting game it was when it started.

There are many games you will find in a casino, but craps gambling is certainly one of the most exciting games to play. It comes with a mix of tension and fun which will keep players mesmerized for hours. You can play, or you can watch, and you will find yourself holding your breath or shouting encouragement as the shooter rolls the dice.

A Brief History of Craps Gambling

Dice games have been around in one form or another for thousands of years. The history of modern day craps goes back a bit more than one hundred years. An English game called "hazard" became popular in New Orleans in about 1800. It then evolved into the craps game we play today. The rules and odds changed a number of times until John Winn introduced some changes which stayed. Before Winn, you could only bet against the shooter - whether they would win or not. Many people used weighted dice and cheated in order to win. Winn's new rules allowed players to bet with the casino as well on various outcomes of the game. This helped prevent cheating in craps gambling.

Can I Gamble Without Rolling the Dice?

A craps table will typically be quite large and can fit about twenty players around it. Each player will have their turn to be shooter and roll the dice. However, you do not have to take a turn as shooter if you don't want to. In craps gambling games, you can play by being shooter, or by simply betting on the shooter's dice.


In craps gambling, it is important to familiarize yourself with the kind of bets that can be placed before playing your first game. Of course, if you first practice online and take advantage of the free online games that are available, you can learn about the betting as you go. Many of the free online games will have an interactive game which will show you the odds, and the kind of bets that you can play. This would be good practice for gambling craps online for real money, or in a land-based casino.

In land-based craps gambling, the shooter is usually the one who will place the first bet on the craps table. After that, the other players will place their bets, and then the shooter will throw the dice. There are more simple, and more complicated bets that can be placed. This is very useful for new players as they can begin with the more simple bets and learn the more complicated ones while being part of a game.

Craps Gambling Strategy

It is important to remember that just as other casino games are games of chance, and based on various odds, so are craps games. It is helpful to know and understand the odds, which are based on all the possible combinations of the dice rolls. The two dice together can form 36 combinations. Some combinations can be made in a few different ways, and some can only be formed by two specific numbers.