Craps Pass Bets - Types of Craps Bets

Craps pass bets is a "contract bet", which means that the wager must remain until won or lost and it pays even money.

Craps pass bets is a "contract bet", which means that the wager must remain until won or lost and it pays even money.

Craps pass bets must be made before the first roll (or come out roll). The craps player wins if the come out roll is a natural (seven or eleven) and looses if the dice show craps (twelve, three or twelve).

If any other number comes up, that becomes the player's point. If that point is rolled before a seven, the player will win. This means that if the shooter rolls a six, on the come out roll. The only numbers a player with a craps pass bets has to think about are seven and six. If a six is rolled player wins and if a seven is rolled player looses.

I have probably made more craps pass bets in my time than I have had cups of tea. The craps pass bets is the 1st bet I learned and I also recommend all beginners craps players to make sure they know what craps pass bets are about before they place any money in other areas of the craps lay out.

The good thing about craps pass bets is that the house edge isn't that big. Sometimes you will just feel in the mood for fun and to socialize with your friends or fellow players at the table. This is a good time to make craps pass bets before the come-out roll. There are also times when you could use craps pass bets in more advanced systems. An all-time favorite is the craps pass bets "Simple Ponzer". This is a pretty risky system that should be used when you are on a roll and when the table is hot.

You can also place craps pass bets for free online. Online craps is definitely one of the most exciting games you can find on the web. If you have ever been to a brick and mortar casino, you will know that the craps pass bets table is nosiest area on the floor. Craps is a high-speed casino game based around the toss of a set of dice. Online craps uses software simulators; and you can expect the same great game online. Though there is many websites available where you can play the craps and craps pass bets online for real money bets, free craps is also available via some types of software like Java and Flash based games that do not require cash input.

Online craps software uses a complex system of maths algorithms to decide each play. This is called Random Number Generation or RNG and uses sophisticated software programming to determine the outcome of each toss of the dice with a set of complex algorithms that have been created to give the player similar winning odds to what they would have while playing a real game of craps at a live casino.