History of Craps

This article provides a guide to the history of craps and how craps developed from an ancient game to the online version of casino craps.

A Background to the Game of Craps

Craps is popular dice game that in recent years seems to have received more widespread exposure in the best online casino. In a similar manner to several other casino games, the exact history of the craps game is rather clouded. It is generally believed however, that this is a very old game. As the craps game is based on the throw of dice, it should be noted that the existence of dice has been traced back to ancient times. Ancient die were discovered in Egypt and it is interesting to note that they were apparently dated at the approximate year of 600 B.C. As it is difficult to detail the definite history of craps, it is believed that there are a few different possible pathways for the game origins.

  • Holy Roman Roots
    Many people are of the opinion that the craps game originated at the time of the Holy Roman Empire. There are stores of Roman soldiers who created cubed shapes that were rather like dice, from pig knucklebones. They then made a form of game by rolling and playing with the bones inside their shields.
  • Arabic az-zahr
    Some believe that the roots of the craps game lie in the ancient Arabic game 'az-zahr'. The meaning of this word is dice. If this line of thinking is followed, it is unclear how the name of the game then became craps.
  • Hazard
    There are those that believe that the origins of craps lie in the English game of Hazard. This was a popular dice game in 12th century England. In this train of thought, it appears that the name of this pursuit was changed to 'crabs' by the French, which at a later stage was transformed to craps in the United States.

Modern Craps

It is widely believed that the modern game that is recognized today as craps evolved and was formed in the United States. Craps obtained a reputation for being the noisiest and most superstitious game in the casino arena. Upon entering a land based casino, a player looking for the craps table will usually be able to find it quickly due to the noisy and rowdy atmosphere connected to the craps table.

Online Craps

Upon the introduction of best online casinos to the Internet in the mid 1990s, craps was soon adapted into an online form of entertainment. Some modifications and alterations were obviously necessary in order to transform craps into a viable game via the online casino. In this game, the major difference between the land-based casino version and the online version is the noise levels involved. The game of craps is considered by many to be the rowdiest and noisiest of all the casino games. This element is not present when playing the game in its online form.

Wherever the precise roots of the craps game lie, one thing is for sure and that is that today's craps game provides an exciting form of online entertainment for many players around the world.