How To Win At Craps

An overview of online craps, some tips for winning online craps and basic craps tips.

It is important for a player to be prepared that it is unlikely to win every roll of the dice at a game of craps. Although craps is basically a game of chance, grasping a basic understanding of the different odds involved in the game, may help a player to know which the best types of bets are. It is also wise to check out betting odds. It should be noted that some bets have a relatively large house edge and therefore should be avoided. In addition, it is recommended to bear in mind that patience is a valuable trait for the game of craps.

Understanding the Craps Game

  • Although craps is considered a relatively simple game to play, it is important to gain an insight to the game before playing for real money.
  • It is recommended to read up details regarding instructions before placing money on the table.
  • It is always advisable to read and check out terms and conditions carefully before beginning to play any online casino game. Craps is no different in this regard.
  • It is wise to check out odds prior to playing the craps game.

Learning about Bets at the Craps Table

For those who want to get into action and play the craps game quickly, learning about the pass line bet and the odds bet is probably enough to be able to play and enjoy the game.

Free Craps Games

Many online casino locations offer free craps pursuits and this is an excellent way to learn all about the game before playing for real money. Taking advantage of free craps games enables players to practice and adjust to the game without risking any money.


It is significant to bear in mind that the roll of the dice itself depends entirely on chance. It does not make a difference what was just rolled in the last game as it is all random and based on luck.

Manage Bankroll

Managing one's bankroll and keeping on top of funds is a vital tip for the game of craps. This is an exciting game and it can be only too easy to get carried away. However, a player who controls the bankroll, setting limits and keeping to pre-determined amounts will find that this allows for more confidence in play.

Enjoy Craps

As far as the game of craps is concerned, it is wise to be prepared to enjoy some amusing entertainment rather than entering into an online craps game while under pressure to win and make some money. It can not be stressed enough that this is a game of chance – one that provides some great fun.