Keno Review

An Overview

Whether it is due to its similarity to the classic lottery game, or because it is so easy to understand and play, Keno is a wildly popular pastime at land-based and online casinos. True, Keno has a particularly high house edge and is 99.9% based on chance, meaning that no amount of skill can alter the odds, however this does not deter millions of players trying their luck at this exciting game.

The Objective

A basic understanding of bingo or lottery means that even the very newest players to the game of Keno can be playing within a few minutes. Gamblers purchase a Keno ticket that traditionally has the numbers one through to 80 displayed. Players mark off a certain amount of random numbers on their Keno cards (usually up to 20 numbers), and wait for the random number generator to pick the winning numbers. If any of their numbers come up on the Keno board, players are paid out accordingly. Casinos may offer various wagering options and different kinds of Keno cards to keep the game exciting. An example of this may be the top-bottom tickets, which allow players to choose numbers either from the top or the bottom of the Keno tickets.

The History

Keno is a game that can trace its history as far back to Ancient China. It is even rumored that a Keno-like game helped fund the building of the Great Wall of China. For hundreds of years, Keno was a popular pastime among countries in the Far East and Asia, and the game went through various changes depending on the area and times. Keno reached the United States with Chinese immigrants and was soon incorporated as a must-play game in most of Las Vegas’ casinos. The game was adapted to suit Western tastes and became a popular game to play in between other faster-paced games, or with a relaxing drink in the Keno lounge.

Online Keno

The boom of the online casino industry brought with it the advent of online Keno. Because the game was essentially computerized at land-based casinos beforehand, Keno software was almost instantly familiar to new online players. As a result, Keno’s transition to the world of the internet was painless and hugely successful and the game enjoyed – and continues to enjoy – huge popularity among online gamblers. One of the most popular forms of online Keno entertainment is in the form of tournaments. Players are given a certain amount of credits and a specified amount of time which they can play each day. At the end of a certain time period (usually several weeks), the player with the most credits is declared the winner of the Keno tournament.


Although there is no known strategy to beat the odds of Keno, the game is still a firm favorite among gamblers who are after a quick, exciting and simple game. There are no complicated calculations to learn for this game, nor do players need to familiarize themselves with particular phrases and terminologies commonly linked to other online casino games. For these reasons, it is easy to understand why Keno is so popular at land-based and online casinos today.