Craps Boxman - The Man in Charge of Craps

A craps boxman is the person who acts as the craps table supervisor and who is usually seated between the stickman and chips.

A craps boxman is the person who acts as the craps table supervisor and who is usually seated between the 1 stickman and right behind the tens of thousands of $ worth of chips that the house or casino keeps on hand at each craps table.

A craps stickman, on the other hand, is the casino staff member who calls out the dice rolls and gives the dice back to the shooter. The stickman is also responsible for the placing and paying the proposition bets.

During a game of craps, when you have chosen your position and you’re ready to buy in, make sure you buy in during the come out roll or when the dice are in front of the craps boxman. Refrain from tossing in your rating card and cash with a “look at me, I am in this game” kind of face. Rather get the dealers attention by politely putting down your money with the rating card stating how much you have and if you want no action or to book a bet. You always want to make sure that you do not annoy the craps boxman. Never argue with other players or staff members, as the boxman will then have to act as referee.

If you decide to buy in during the middle of a hand, please make sure that you do so when the dice are in the middle and when its clear that your buy-in is not going to hold up the craps game. Do not call for a marker and do not make bastard bets this can confuse the dealers.

When its time to color up at the end of the session, exit the game in a polite manner and order as well as count your chips. The idea behind coloring up is for you to know how much you are coloring to confirm this with the craps boxman and to make the count up quick and easy for the craps boxman.

When you have your chips sorted, wait for dealer to finish up, get his attention, and ask for the color-up. He will check with the craps boxman and will either tell you to wait or to set it down. The craps boxman can only color one player at a time.

When you ask for color, hold the stack in front of you. This will signal to the dealer and at the same time you will ask to color in an audible voice and with eye contact with the boxman. The craps boxman usually will nod to allow this. You will therefore know you have permission at top level and the dealer doesn’t have to ask. You will then pass the stack to the dealer and wait until a pause in the game to get your color.