Craps Pit Boss - The Craps Man in Charge

The craps pit boss is in charge of a whole craps pit and it is craps pit boss’s job is to settle disputes and to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The craps pit boss is in charge of a whole craps pit and it is Craps Pit Boss’s job is to settle disputes and to ensure everything runs smoothly.

At the craps table you will find a seated box person at the top middle of the table whose job it is to watch every roll and all the payouts to make sure everything goes smoothly. On his right and left you will find 2 dealers who make the place bets. In the middle of the table on the players’ side you have the craps stickman who is in control of the Proposition bets and pushing the dice to the players. A floor person will stand behind the craps table and rate the players wagering for the purposes of comps. Then our main man, the craps pit boss, does what his name suggests: he is in charge.

The craps pit boss can chuck you out of the game if you do not observe the accepted craps etiquette. Learn the craps etiquette and make sure that you stay on the craps pit boss’ good side. We will look at some general rules that should keep you in the clear.

When you are offered the dice to shoot, you may pass the dice to the next player without worrying that you will offend anyone. Just remember that at least 1 player must always be a "shooter" betting on either the pass line or don't pass line for the craps game to continue.

When leaving a tip, you can toss chips onto the table and state that it’s for the dealers or for the boys. It's also common practice to place a bet for the dealers. If the bet is 1 handled by the dealers, such as a proposition or Place bet, the chip(s) should be placed or thrown, and you should say it’s a dealer bet, such as "Dealer's hard eight". A "2-way" bet is one that is for both the player and the dealers. The Craps pit boss will be happy that you are being courteous towards the dealers.

It is considered bad luck to change dice in the middle of a roll. If one or both dice leave the table, and the shooter does not want new dice substituted into the game, the shooter should immediately and loudly call Same Dice! The retrieved dice will then be returned to play after close inspection by the craps boxman.

Something that will annoy the craps pit boss is when you (rudely) place a "late bet," or make bets while the dice are no longer in the center of the table. While it is permissible, too many late bets will generally get a warning. Dealers can use their discretion to disallow a bet made after the dice have left the middle.

Any food, drinks, cigarettes, cell phones and other items should remain off the chip rail and shouldn’t be held over the table at any time.