Craps Strategy

Online craps strategy and tips, learning how to play online craps and understanding online craps bets.

It should be noted that the fun pursuit of craps is essentially a game of chance and players are unable to take action that has a direct effect on the outcome of the roll of the dice. However, although skill does not have a part to play like in the games of poker or blackjack, craps players may put certain techniques to good use in order to try to win the game. Once again, a good craps game strategy will not change the result of the dice throw, but it may help to make a player's money go a little bit further.

Learn about the Craps Game

  • It is recommended to become knowledgeable about the game itself and learn the various ins and outs and workings of the craps game before placing money on the table. There is no point in jumping straight in with both feet first before learning about the game. Information regarding how to play the craps game is readily available at the best online casinos.
  • Obtaining an insight into the game prior to placing a bet can help a player to make decisions and choices regarding betting. It is difficult to make the right choices all the time and rather impossible to win all the time, but knowing about the various options and alternatives available at the craps game prepares the player for the possible eventualities.

Understanding the Different Craps Bets

  • Understanding the various bets is a crucial element to playing the game of online craps.
  • It is recommended to avoid bad craps bets. Bets such as the 'Big 6' and the 'Big 8' offer a high house advantage and the many expert craps gamers would recommend avoiding such bets with bad odds for the player.
  • It is advisable to go for bets with good odds. Many players would recommend to place bets on the pass line bet on the come out roll. With a low house advantage this is considered a good bet for low risks and is also viewed as the most popular type of bet at this game.

Control Money

  • Good money management can make all the difference when playing online craps. Many successful players believe that this is the key to good or bad craps gaming.
  • Some players place limits on their bankroll and once a certain amount of money has been spent, they know that this is the end for the particular spell of gaming.
  • Many players place a winning limit on their bankroll. This means that once a player manages to win a certain amount, the player knows that it is time to leave the casino for the day. In this way, the player may leave the casino with some winnings in hand.


It may be said that the best strategies for the game of craps appear to be ensuring good money management and obtaining a good understanding of the different types of bets available.