Craps Horn Bets

Craps horn bets is only one type of the many craps bets that are considered risky, but with the risk come reward.

Step up to the casino’s table arena and the loudest voices will usually be coming from craps. Craps horn bets is only one type of the many craps bets that are considered risky, but with the risk come reward.

Craps is a fast paced, high stakes game with a bunch of elbow-to-elbow players, standing-not sitting-together in camaderie and chaos, all waiting for a chance to toss the next dice. Even big time gamblers often stay away from the craps tables, calling the low-level pandemonium and many types of bets per roll “too confusing.” Actually, while the game does have many facets, it’s more about math and less about confusion, most specifically about the odds.

Knowing that the odds of a 7 being rolled in its various combinations, trumps all other possible number combinations reinforces the mantra that the house or casino always wins. Although, how you bet until that 7 is rolled, can mean the difference between walking away from the table with a pocket full of cash or a pocket full of nothing. The horn bet is only 1 of the many bets considered risky, but with the risk comes reward.

Here’s how to place craps horn bets:

  1. Join a craps game, and keep the age restriction of 21 in mind if you live in the US. Joining the game only involves joining the table; putting your money down and saying, "change." The dealer will then change your cash into chips.
  2. Bet the minimum with craps horn bets. In order to play any table game, you must abide by the minimum bet rules.
  3. Bet 4 or 5 chips. If you are betting with quarters or nickels, the dealer will return your change of one chip. You can accept the change or call a “high,” in which case your change remains on the table and will add to your bet on the number you called high.
  4. Put your money down and call out “horn bet.” The craps horn bets is a one-roll bet. Its placement on the table is in the middle and includes the numbers 2, 3, 11, 12.
  5. Take note of the odds. While the “experts” would never recommend the craps horn bets because it so clearly favors the house, when a table is hot, even those professionals will give it a shot. The reason for this is the payoff. Hitting on a two or a twelve pays 30-1 and hitting on the three or eleven pays 15-1.
  6. Know when to stop and step away. The key to winning at any casino game is to step away while you still have cash in your pocket. If you hit on the craps horn bets, don’t think it’s going to happen repeatedly. It isn’t. Rather walk away from the table with chips in our pocket.