Online Keno vs Land Keno - Different Forms of Keno

A review of the differences and similarities between online and land based keno, focusing on online keno's advantages and disadvantages.

Keno used to be a game that was only played in land-based casinos and it was never one of the more popular games there. Since online gambling is becoming more popular, so too is the game of keno when it is played online.

Similarities between Online Keno and Land Based Keno

Online and land based keno are played in the same way. They both contain boards with the numbers one through eighty and the aim of the games is identical.

Differences between Online Keno and Land Based Keno

While both online and land based keno have boards of numbers, the boards in online keno are found on your computer screen, while in the land based version you have paper tickets and markers to mark your numbers.

In order to select your numbers in online keno, you simply click your mouse on the number you wish to select. That number will then change color. If you change you mind, you can click on the number again and it will "unselect" it for you. If you change you mind in land-based keno, you will need to discard your ticket and begin selecting numbers again from the beginning.

Most online keno games will allow players to select up to fifteen numbers, although some will only allow ten. Very few online keno games will allow the player to select the full twenty numbers that the random number generator calls.

In land based keno, you will be expected to pay your chips to the keno clerk at the same time as you hand in your ticket, while in online keno, you simply click on the betting button on your screen.

Advantages of Online Keno over Land Based Keno

  • Lower house odds – on land based keno, the house odds can reach as high as 30%. In online keno, the house odds seldom go over 12%.
  • Playing multiple games – it is simpler to play multiple games at one time in online keno than it is in land based keno. Instead of filling out multiple tickets and having to keep track of all of the tickets and results, in online keno you can simply click on "play one" or even "play ten" and then just sit back and watch the games being played.
  • More relaxed – playing keno online means that you can play it in the comfort of your own home. Not only that, if you need to, you can pause your game and go away and then come back to it later and it will be waiting for you exactly where you left it.

Disadvantages of Online Keno

  • Speed of the Game – this can be an advantage if you enjoy a faster pace, but as the games are played faster online than in land based casinos, you need to keep a closer track of your bankroll as it can be used up faster.
  • Some people enjoy the excitement at a land based casino and this will be missing if you play online.