Free Online Keno - Learning Online Keno

For the maximum amount of casino fun with the minimum amount of effort, free online Keno can’t be beat! Learn why here.

Free Online Keno – Learning Online Keno

There are many choices available for online gaming, requiring varying amounts of knowledge, skill, investment, and player’s time. Playing free online Keno requires only the minimum of each. The main thing needed is a desire to have fun! As an introduction to the world of Internet play, online Keno gambling is an excellent first game.

Getting Started

To get started playing keno online, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of the Keno rules. There’s not much too it; any Keno game only requires up to four decisions from the player, and in a free online Keno game the three options are usually more restricted than in paid-for play on the Internet or in a bricks and mortar casino. (Online casinos don’t offer the “multi-race” games or “combination” playing cards that in-house games provide.)

Decision #1: How Much Money to Bet

Online casinos in general are more limited in the size of the bets they can take: there’s no way to feed nickels into a PC, and large transactions (especially payouts of $10,000 or more) are problematic to handle over credit cards. The minimum bet is typically $1; the maximum bet varies, but rarely exceeds $5 or $10.

So why are these games called “free” online Keno? Simply because the player doesn’t bet his or her own money – he or she is gambling with “house” money. That’s right. The online casinos actually pay people to try the games! What could be easier?

Decision #2: How Many Numbers to Play

The Keno board has numbers from 1 through 80, and in each game 20 of those numbers will be picked at random, or “drawn.” While the classic game allows a player to choose their own list of 20 numbers, trying to match the entire draw, online Keno games let players choose up to 10, or in some cases 15, numbers. Many games require players to choose at least 2 numbers, although some will allow play of a single chosen number, or “spot.”

This decision most relates to a player’s strategy. Comparing the casino’s Keno payouts for different bets with the standard Keno odds, it’s possible to find out where the better bets are, and play to those points.

Decision #3: Which Numbers to Play

By law, a game approved by a gaming commission must use a certified Random Number Generator (an RNG) to produce their numbers, or an approved physical device like traditional Keno balls in a cage. Theoretically, any number has an even chance of being called. Still, Keno players have their own opinions.

Some players prefer to play numbers that have not been drawn in a while, on the principle that those numbers’ “turn” is due, or even overdue.

Other players choose to play numbers that have recently won, feeling that those numbers are having their own lucky streak.

No matter how a player selects their numbers, though, the numbers are passed into the casino, usually by clicking on the image of a Keno playing card, and then the rest is up to the online Keno game’s computer. The numbers are drawn, the board’s display is updated, and players find out how much they’ve won.

For the newcomer to Internet gambling, a free online Keno game is a great place to start.