Online Keno Gambling

Learn why online Keno gambling is one of the simplest, least expensive ways to try out gaming on the Internet.

Online Keno Gambling – Learning Keno Online

When gambling online, there are a whole profusion of games available. Some games require lots of skills, and others have complex rules that take time to learn. Keno, though, is one of the simplest games around. Online Keno gambling is thus an ideal way to try out this new world of fun.

What Keno’s About

In a nutshell, Keno is the modern version of a game invented in China around 2,200 years ago, which evolved into two games; Bingo is the companion of Keno, and knowing the former helps a little in understanding the latter.

Like Bingo, traditional Keno involves a board for displaying drawn numbers (originally from numbered balls) and individual cards for each player with numbers marked by “spots.” Unlike Bingo though, Keno uses 80 balls, always draws a fixed number (20), starts each player with an identical card, and lets each player spot their own card without reference to what will be drawn.

In fact, players spot their cards before the drawing of the numbers begins, at least in a bricks and mortar game. When playing online Keno gambling, the “card” is virtually, and the spots for marking the player’s chosen numbers are just one possible way that the player’s choices might be displayed. After the player has chosen, then the drawings commence, of all 20 numbers.

There is no competition to beat other players to display a winning card, since each card is payed out individually, after the full 20 draws. And the amount of the payout will vary, depending upon how many of the player’s “spots,” marking the player’s choices, match the drawn numbers to make ”hits.”

Show Me the Money

As with other forms of gaming for money, online Keno gambling is all about getting paid. Keno payouts are made based on two factors: how many numbers (“spots”) were played, and how many of those spots had a “hit,” matching against the numbers drawn by the house. Although in-house games in casinos traditionally let players play up to a “20-spot card,” betting on as many numbers as the house draws, most online games allow for plays between 2-spots and 10-spots. Some online games will allow a 1-spot play, and some will go up to 15-spots, but online games don’t allow players to choose more than 15 numbers in a Keno game.

The more numbers played, the easier it is to make a match, obviously, but it also gets harder to hit all or even most of the numbers played. The more spots, the higher the payout for a perfect set of hits, leading to some truly exciting maximum jackpots – it’s possible to win $100,000 from a $1 bet! Even with more conservative play, though, there are good wins to be had by those whose choices are favored by Lady Luck.

The high payouts don’t require large sums to be bet, either. The lowest bet online is typically $1, but most games will only allow a $5 maximum bet, or in some cases $10. So besides being very simple to play, an online Keno game is also an inexpensive way to try online gambling.

Give It a Try!

With very simple play, a minimum of rules, and small betting amounts that can lead to huge payouts, online Keno gambling is a great way to start gaming on the Internet.