Keno Tips - Learning How to Play Keno

A guide to some basic keno tips and pointers that will help you to win and enjoy your casino game of keno.

Know Your Way around the Casino

In order to play keno, you need to know where all the keno related equipment and booths are. The games run for a limited amount of time and you need to get from one place to another without wasting too much time. Therefore, make sure that you familiarize your self with the layout of the casino before you begin to play the game. Wander around the casino floor and specifically look out for the:

  • Keno booth
  • Keno digital display or television monitor
  • Keno clerk's office

Once you have found the keno booth, take the free keno booklet they provide. This will answer any questions that you may have regarding how to play the game.

Know the Various Tickets that are Available

It is a good idea to be aware of the different types of keno tickets that are available as a different sort of ticket will suit different people.

  • Single ticket – you will need to get back to the keno booth to claim any winnings before the next game begins. This typically means that you will have five minutes at the most to work out if you have won and get back to the booth. It is especially important if you buy a single ticket that you know your way from the keno screen that displays the winning numbers back to the keno booth.
  • Multi-round tickets – these allow you to play more than one round (typically up to 20 rounds) before returning to the booth to check your tickets and claim any winnings.
  • 'Stray and Play' ticket – this allows to players to buy a ticket of more than 20 keno games. You do not have to stick around in order to claim your winnings at the end of your games with this ticket, but rather have up to a year to have your ticket checked and claim your winnings. This will suit any player who is slightly less organized, does not like to rush or has other things that they need to do.

Practice the Game

If you are new to the game of keno, you can practice it online before you play it for real money. You need to focus on practicing how to stay in the game longer and to make your bankroll last throughout the game. On that note, you also need to decide before you start what your bankroll is so that you can stick to it. Learn keno strategy. There are fluctuations in keno odds and payouts and some bets pay better than others. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with these strategies before you begin to play.

Be Positive

The best tip we can give you is to stay positive and enjoy the game. Don't play keno if you are pressured to win money because some days you'll win and some days you won't. If you go in calmly, you can find a lot of excitement in the game.