Using a Counter in Keno

The keno counter is found in the keno lounge. It is the place where you will go to deal with any and all aspects necessary for you to play keno.

What Do You Need the Keno Counter For?

You need the keno counter in order to place your bets and to be supplied with keno tickets. You also need to go to the keno counter to check whether you have won anything, and also receive any keno payouts.

All information regarding the game, including the odds, are available at the keno counter. Many casinos provide a free booklet explaining the rules of keno, and the specific house rules for their individual casino. Some booklets also include charts of all keno odds and statistics for different combinations of plays.

The draw sheet which shows the winning numbers from the previous game, which you can use to check if you had chosen any winning numbers, is made available at the keno counter.

The keno counter also provides any other supplies needed for playing the game, for example a marking device like a keno crayon or marker with which you can "spot" the card. To spot the card simply means to mark the numbers you have chosen on your card. In some more upscale casinos, India ink and brushes are used to mark the cards.

At the keno counter you can have your ticket scanned in order to check whether you have won the game. The keno runner can also have your ticket scanned for you if you are not in the keno lounge.

In short, the keno counter is the place you can go to when you place your keno bets, and more importantly, it is the place that you go to in order to receive your winnings.

Who Works at the Keno Counter?

The person who works behind the keno counter is called the keno writer. The keno writer will deal with all the things that need to be done at the keno counter. They will deal with individual players, and also with the keno runners.

Usually, players who ask advice of writers will tip for receiving this service. Winners who receive their winnings at the keno counter will also often tip the writer.

The keno operator will also be found working at the keno counter or immediately behind it. The operator is the person who actually draws the balls from the cage or air blower, depending which is in use.

Keno Runners

Keno runners are casino employees who literally run around the casino delivering keno cards, and returning them to the keno counter for players who are anywhere in the casino. They will be able to explain the rules, show the players an odds sheet, and run quickly back to the keno counter in order to give the cards in before the next game starts.

It is important to note that tickets are not considered to be valid entries until they have been received by the writer at the keno counter.

Keno runners also receive tips to compensate them for their athletic performance which gets your keno cards speedily to the keno counter.