Glossary of Keno Terms - A List of Keno Phrases

A basic glossary of standard keno terms that can be used to help players learn their way around the casino game of keno.

Aggregate Limit – This refers to the total amount of money that a casino pays out for a single game of keno.

All-or-nothing – You can play a keno ticket as all-or-nothing. By doing this, you will win if either all of your numbers are drawn or none of your numbers are drawn.

Balls – These refer to the balls that are used to determine the winning numbers in keno. They are numbered from 1 to 80.

Catch all or Catch zero – These are two options that are similar to the all-or-nothing option.

Combination Ticket – This refers to a keno ticket that contains several different bets.

Computer Ticket – This is simply a keno ticket that is computer generated.

Conditioning – A slang term for the different terms and conditions that are found at land based casinos.

Deuce – Two selected numbers that are found next to each other on the keno ticket.

Draw – The name given to the numbers that are drawn in a particular game of keno. In land based keno, this is typically 20 numbers. In online keno, most games offer 15 numbers, while some will only offer a maximum of 10 numbers. Very few will offer the full 20 numbers in online keno.

Draw Sheet – This is a sheet that can be found at the keno counter. It is a list of all the numbers that were drawn in the last keno game. It is used to check your numbers against.

Exacta Ticket – This refers to a ticket that you use to play two separate games. They usually pay out higher than regular tickets.

Flashboard – The large electronic board that is used to flash the winnings numbers in the game of keno.

Hit – The event of one of your selected numbers being drawn in a game of keno.

House Edge – A mathematically worked out percentage of how often the house or casino can expect to win in the long term. In land based casinos, this is generally around 20-30%, while in online casinos this amount rarely goes over 12%.

Payoff – The amount of money that a player will win if their numbers are hit in a game of keno.

Progressive Jackpot – This is a large amount of money that is awarded to a player who bets on the maximum amount of numbers and all of his numbers are hit.

Random number generator – This is a software program that is designed to randomly select winning numbers. Keno games use this software.

Split Ticket – A split ticket has more than one single set of numbers that are selected and are played separately.

Ticket – The piece of paper or card that contains the player's selected numbers in the game of keno.

Wager – The amount of money that the player bets on the numbers he selects in a single game.

Way Ticket – This is a keno ticket that has multiple bets placed on it.