Keno Rules Explained

Unlike other complicated casino games available online, a player needs to learn very few Keno rules before starting to play and win with this popular game.

Keno Rules – Keno Rules Explained

Before starting to play most casino games, the wise player will learn the rules. In the case of Keno, this is an extremely simple proposition, since there are so few Keno rules.

Staying Within the Groove

Much of Keno play is structured by the nature of the game itself. Obeying Keno rules is simply a matter of playing the game – there’s no may to do otherwise.

Consider that a number can only be placed once per game. There’s no way to choose it twice! No rule is needed to enforce such a restriction, since it’s inherent in the game play.

Playing online Keno is like racing a slot car. The slot car stays in the groove because if it popped out of the slot it would simply stop moving; it would be out of the race. The player obeys the Keno rules because violating the rules means that the game is no longer being played, not out of any punitive action but simply because like a slot car out of its slot there’s no way to keep going.

Back to Basics

Some Keno rules are just the same rules that apply to other online gambling. Players must be of legal age in the appropriate jurisdictions in order to be allowed to play. In some cases the player must also be a legal resident of some jurisdiction, or else not a resident of some other jurisdiction.

To prevent potential conflicts, many casinos will disallow their employees and the employees’ relatives from playing games, or else require that their gaming be specially monitored or in other ways restricted.

And of course, illegal acts are also “out of bounds” and against the Keno rules: use of a fraudulent identity, stolen credit cards, and the like is not just breaking the rules. It’s breaking the law.

But When It Comes to Money....

There is one important Keno rule to be aware of, though. Many online Keno games have what’s known as an “aggregate limit” for their payouts. That is, there is a maximum amount of money which the casino will pay out over any period of time, typically on a per player basis. If a player wins enough money to bump against the aggregate limit, the it’s time for that player to move on to a different game for a day or two. Some casino’s will block a player from continuing after reaching the aggregate limit, but other online games might not do so. That could lead to some kind of disappointment if the player who has reached the aggregate limit should win another jackpot. Imagine how it would feel to be expecting a big payout, only to discover that because of the amount already won, there won’t be another big prize for this latest game.

For this reason the wise player finds out the aggregate limit before starting play, in hopes of winning so much money that he or she must move on to a different casino.

It’s not hard to abide by the rules when playing an online Keno game. In fact, because of its simplicity and large payouts, perhaps the best thing to say is: “Keno rules!”