Strategy Tips for Keno - Learning to Win at Keno

A brief review outlining some of the popular keno strategy methods and keno tips that may help you win at the casino game of keno.

The casino game of keno is purely a game of chance. All the numbers that are drawn in a game of keno are drawn randomly and as such, they have no bearing on the numbers that came before or after them. Due to this fact, it is unlikely that strategy will be able to help you in the game of keno. This being said, there are keno players who swear by various strategic methods that they believe will increase your chances of winning at the game of keno. Here we will mention a few of these keno strategy methods.

Play Numbers that Have Not Come up Recently

The theory of this strategy states that due to the fact that number generation is random, in the long term, every number must come up a reasonably even number of times compared to the other numbers. Therefore, if a number has not come up recently, you should bet on that number as it must come up soon to even out the number count. This strategy is referred to as "letting the old man chase you."

Play Numbers that Have Come up Often

With randomly drawn numbers, there are often trends and streaks of numbers that come up. If they can be capitalized on, you can profit from them. Of course, there is no guarantee that a particular number will be part of a trend. This strategy is known as "chasing the old man."

Play Successive Numbers

Many keno players believe that this is a sure way to win. It appears that over the long term, successive numbers do tend to come up more often, however there is no proof of this and it does not fit in with random number generation. Examples of successive numbers are 14 and 15 or 23 and 24.

Play the Same Numbers Each Round

This is a common strategy in keno playing. It states that you should play the same set of numbers consecutively for a few rounds.

Choose a Few Numbers

If you enjoy winning a small amount, often, then you should choose only a few numbers. There will be more chance of winning these numbers, but as the payout increases with the amount of numbers that you choose, you will only win a small amount each time they are hit.

Choose Many Numbers

If, on the other hand, you are out to win at keno only once, but you want that win to change your life, you should choose a large amount of numbers. There is less probability that your numbers will all be hit, but when they are, you will be amply rewarded.

Other Keno Strategies

Some people will play numbers that have meaning to them, for example birthdays or anniversaries.

Some people like to play lost cards – these are cards that they find that have not won in previous rounds, but that might win this round.

Some people like to spread their numbers out over the card – this balance refers to the Chinese concept of ying and yang which is especially appropriate in this game of Chinese origin.