Online Keno Game

One of the simplest ways to have fun and make money is by playing an online Keno game. This keno guide explains.

Online Keno Gambling – Learning Keno Online

A person who likes simple gaming can enter an online Keno game, and have the pleasure of play without the hassle of going to a bricks and mortar casino. It makes sense to play Keno online; it’s even easier than playing the lottery.

It’s a Hit!

An online Keno game, like its cousin the “classic” Keno game in a bricks and mortar casino, is played as if with eighty balls, numbered from 1 through 80. These numbers are displayed in the 80 spaces of the Keno board, and matched against the player’s numbers. (In reality, the “balls” of an online Keno game are simulated by an RNG – a random number generator.) Also like the classic game, 20 balls are drawn during a single game, so that the odds of winning are the same everywhere.

When the player’s chosen numbers or “spots” match those on the Keno board, they are counted as “hits”. The amount won, if any, depends on how many hits there are, in relation to how many spots the player chose. (Unlike in classic Keno, most online Keno games don’t allow the player to choose 20 numbers, or make a payout for having missed most of the numbers.)

An Astronomical Amount of Fun

Playing Keno is all about the odds, and the numbers are simply amazing. The biggest number in Keno is, of course, 3,535,316,142,212,174,320, which is the number of combinations of Keno play possible. For the mathematically minded, it is 80! / (20! x 60!) , meaning 80 factorial divided by the product of 20 factorial and 60 factorial. No matter how it’s described, though, it means that no two Keno games will be alike – there’s always a new way to have fun.

The smallest number in Keno is 4, which is for the one in four chance of picking a winning number on a single spot ticket. That’s one win out of four games played – good odds!

You Gotta Be In It to Win It

Besides having fun, it’s also possible to win money playing in an online Keno game. The first step is to play the game, and that’s done by simply placing a bet on an active game.

A Keno bet requires three decisions: how much money to bet, how many numbers to pick, and then picking the numbers to play. $1 (one dollar) is the usual minimum bet, $3 and $5 are other typical options, and some online sites allow $10 bets as the maximum.

Classic Keno calls for spotting (picking) a full 20 numbers, the same as the number of balls that are drawn. Online casinos allow betting on either 1 or 2 spots for their smallest card, and up to either 10 or 15 spots for their largest card.

For each spot, an available number from 1 through 80 is chosen. Each spot is a different number; the name derives from the classical marking of spots on the player’s card to show that the numbers are in play.

Playing in an online Keno game offers fun, excitement, and the chance to win money. What’s not to like?