Keno Lounge - What is a Keno Lounge?

The keno lounge is the place to go when you need to do anything connected to your keno game, from placing your bets to receiving your winnings.

Land-based Casinos

Keno games in land-based casinos, like bingo, are kept somewhat separate from the other casino games. Even though it is possible to play keno from many other places in the casino, a special keno lounge has been set up to facilitate keno games.

What Does the Keno Lounge Look Like?

In a land-based casino, you will find many comfortable seats and couches in the keno lounge. The area may be quite separate from the other areas of the casino, or perhaps separated by a partition made of glass. If the partition is made of glass, others at the casino can see the excitement of the keno lounge, and vice versa.

You will also see the keno counter, which is where you will receive your keno cards, and ask any necessary questions regarding your game, and most importantly, where you will receive your winnings.

There will be a number of casino employees, including the keno writers and keno runners. Keno writers work behind the keno counter and service the players who play in the keno lounge, and also receive any cards and bets which the keno runners bring in. Keno runners help to facilitate smooth playing of the game, and help reduce the lines at the keno counter. Most of what you need to do at the keno counter can be done with the aid of the keno runners, while you sit back and enjoy your time in the keno lounge. Keno runners also service players all over the casino, including players who area playing other games and those taking a break in the restaurants.

One of the most important things that you will find in the keno lounge is some form of equipment which will select the winning numbers. Some casinos will have a wire cage, a plastic bubble, or a bowl, filled with ping-pong balls with all the possible numbers marked on them. The numbers used in keno games are from number one to number eighty. There are various methods by which the numbers will be drawn out, or shaken out, of the cage one at a time. Some casinos will use numbered boards that are dropped into a hopper. Still other casinos will simply use a computer that has been programmed with a random number generator in order to select the winning numbers. Whichever method is used, numbers will be drawn one at a time until twenty numbers have been drawn.

The other important piece of equipment you will find in most casinos in the keno lounge is a large board with brightly lit digital numbers that will display the winning numbers as they have been drawn.

Online Keno

The web page you open up to play your keno game is your virtual keno lounge. Playing the game, including placing your bets is much simpler in online keno. It can all be done by the click of your mouse in your virtual keno lounge. Of course, you will have to supply your own comfortable chair!