Discovering the Fun of Keno Clubs

Keno clubs are a fascinating way of playing Keno. Let’s look at some of the tickets you will find at Keno clubs.

Keno clubs are a fascinating way of playing Keno. Let’s look at some of the options and tickets you will find at Keno clubs.

There are three major options that you can choose from when playing at Keno clubs. When you choose the Multiplier, you have the option for the chance to multiply your prize up to ten times the base amount; and you can win up to a million dollars! When you choose the Bulls-Eye option, it entitles you to larger prizes and more chances to win. The Progressive option will add an added rolling jackpot bonus prize in addition to the regular top prizes!

To play at keno clubs, simply choose how many different spots or numbers you want to play from one to ten. 20 numbers from a field of 1-80 will be selected in a computerized random draw. You win for the drawing you played if your numbers match those drawn. The more numbers you match, the more cash you will win. You can even win by not matching ANY spots in a ten spot game.

Many keno clubs have king tickets that have one number that is circled by itself. This spot is referred to as the King and is used in combo with other groups of numbers on the keno ticket. King tickets look similar to way and split tickets with the number of combos played and the amount wagered per set displayed on the right hand side of the ticket.

Some keno clubs have combination (combo) tickets that allow players to combine groups of straight bets on 1 ticket in various ways with the player betting 1 unit for every possible combination. Players can also combine way bets and straight bets on one ticket. The groups bet on a combo ticket should be clearly marked on the ticket’s right hand side.

Keno clubs sometimes promote their keno games by offering special tickets. A special ticket uses a different pay schedule and must be played in a certain predetermined manner. This payout chart is normally marked on the special ticket itself. Special keno tickets usually offer marginally better deals than other keno tickets and are used to lure players.

Keno clubs players have to make a decision when they start to play. You have to choose between selecting a small amount of numbers and choosing a large amount of numbers. The sharp mind will notice that the odds will change with the amount of numbers the player picks. If you pick only two numbers, there is a better chance of hitting all of those numbers than if you had picked 10. But casino compensates for any weak mathematics with fluctuating payouts according to the amount of numbers picked. You won't win nearly as much for hitting all of your 3 numbers, as you would have had you hit all of your ten numbers.