Online Keno Rules

The game of Keno has managed to keep millions of people entertained since the days of ancient China and can be found today in traditional as well as online casinos throughout the world. Despite the high edge that the house enjoys, Keno still manages to draw the crowds who are looking for a familiar and easy-to-understand game to relax with.

The Objective of Friut Machines

Players need to mark up to a certain amount of numbers on a Keno card and obtain as many correct numbers as possible after all the numbers are drawn.

How to Play Keno

  • Players purchase a Keno card from special booths on the casino floor.
  • The Keno card consists of numbers from one through to eighty. Players need to mark off up to fifteen numbers – or spots - on their card. Essentially, they are saying that these are the numbers that will come up when drawn.
  • Soon afterwards, the Random Number Generator selects twenty numbers out of the eighty.
  • The numbers are displayed on the special Keno board in the casino.
  • Players check to see whether any of their numbers came up and whether there were enough to claim a payout.
  • Players need to be quick about claiming their prizes and usually have a limited time to do so.


Online Keno

The idea of online Keno is the same as traditional land-based Keno, except for a few minor differences. Instead of physically making their way to a booth, the Keno ticket is already displayed on the screen. The player needs to choose how much he wishes to wager by clicking on the amounts (eg. $.50, $5, etc.) on the screen. To choose their numbers, players can either do so by clicking individual numbers, or they can click the Quick Pick button, which makes a random selection of (usually) 10 numbers. To deselect a particular number, players simply click the number once again. Players then click the PLAY button and the RNG will pick out twenty winning numbers which will be highlighted on the Keno card. The Keno software will pay out winning combinations automatically. To play the same numbers again, players press PLAY again, or begin the process again

Different Keno Cards

Not all Keno cards are as simple as the straight ticket described above. To keep the game interesting and to vary the odds, casinos have introduced different kinds of cards to select.

Some of the more popular Keno cards include:

Way Ticket – Allows players to choose multiple sets and is usually cheaper than a straight ticket.

Split Ticket – Players mark a line through the middle of the card and mark numbers on each side. This is a convenient way of playing two games off one ticket, although the payoffs are usually lower.

20 Spot Ticket – Players mark 20 spots and have up to 18 ways to make winning combinations on the ticket. Four to six matches do not pay out, while players get their money back if they come out with 2, 3 or 7 matches.