The Role of a Keno Runner

The keno runner is the casino employee who will speedily take your keno card to and from the keno counter for you.

The keno runner may well be the casino employee who most helps to make your keno game more enjoyable and easier for you to play.

Where Does the Keno Runner Work?

The keno runner works in the keno lounge, and in many other parts of the casino. Depending on which casino you are in, the keno runner may work in restaurants, and on the gaming floor.

How Will I Recognize the Keno Runner?

Depending on which casino you are in, the keno runner will be wearing some kind of uniform or identifiable clothing, perhaps a cap or a vest, so it will be easy to spot them.

What Will the Keno Runner Be Able to Help Me With?

The keno runner will have some basic keno tickets available for you to use. They will usually also have keno crayons for you to mark off your bets. They should also have an odds table that you can look at.

What Does the Keno Runner Do?

The keno runner will give you a blank keno ticket or card, on which you can mark off your chosen numbers. They then take your card from wherever you are in the casino, either the keno lounge or anywhere else, to the writer at the keno counter. At the keno counter, the runner will hand in your keno card, also known as the outside ticket, for you and exchange it for a duplicate card, the inside ticket they receive from a keno writer. The writer will have recorded your chosen numbers before issuing the inside ticket, which serves as your receipt or proof that you ahve entered the game. The runner then returns the duplicate card to you wherever you are in the casino. You need to use your duplicate card to check whether you have won or not. The original card is left at the keno counter so that players cannot try and adjust their numbers after a draw has taken place.

It is important to remember that the keno runner is only a messenger that conveys your keno card to the writer. The runner must return to the keno counter with sufficient time to enter your ticket for the game which is about to be played. If they do not get there in time, your ticket will be entered for the following game.

Keno runners need to be highly responsible and very trustworthy as many players are relying on them. Runners also need a lot of patience and sympathy for the players who are not happy if they have incurred some losses. The main attribute they need apart from these three things is that they need to be able to run very fast and also avoid running into people on their way back to the keno counter.

Should I Tip the Keno Runner?

It is important to remember that keno runners are paid a low wage, like waiters and waitresses, so it is certainly appropriate to tip them for their hard and speedy work.