Slots Tournament - Understanding How Slots Tournaments Work

Slots tournaments are popular because they offer certain advantages over playing solo slots. There are many types of slots tournaments being played.

How to Play Slots Tournaments

  • Slots tournaments take place at pre-announced times.
  • Usually entries are filled up in advance.
  • The players gather at the venue at the given time.
  • A slots machine is assigned to each player.
  • Each player is given the same credit to start with.
  • A time period is fixed for the round.
  • The players keep on playing as fast as they can.
  • The slots machines record the player’s winnings.
  • The winnings cannot be used for playing and are kept aside.
  • When the allotted time is over the machines automatically stop.
  • The unutilized credits get forfeited. Only the winnings are counted.
  • The winners from the first round proceed to the next.
  • With each round the number of players in the fray reduces.
  • The player with the largest winnings in the final round is declared the winner.

Slots Tournament Strategy

  • The simple strategy is to make sure that any part of the initial credit is not forfeited. Hence if time is running out then the player must increase the size of the wagers in order to utilize all the credits.
  • To the extent possible players must place larger wagers during winning streaks and smaller wagers during losing streaks.

Advantages of Slots Tournaments

Slots tournaments have become extremely popular because they offer many advantages over playing solo slots. Some of the advantages are listed below.

  • A player can play a large number of games for a nominal entry fee without inputting real money coins before each pull.
  • Without staking a substantial bankroll a player can realistically win the substantial pooled prize.
  • Slots tournaments are social events in which people of the community get together to have fun and bond with each other. For many slots tournaments players winning is only a bonus.

Types of Slots Tournaments

There are many different types of slots tournaments.

  • Invitational slots tournaments: These are not open to the public but entries are based on invitation only. Normally invitational slots tournaments are meant to reward the regular players. For example players who have logged in a certain number of hours in the previous month or wagered a certain amount in the previous month would be invited to play. Invitational tournaments have no entry fees and the prize is usually free credits that can be used in real money play during the coming month. Sometimes invitational tournaments carry prizes in cash or kind.
  • Buy-in slots tournaments: These are the most popular. Each player pays an entry fee that contributed to the pooled prize.
  • Guaranteed pot tournaments: These are a special type of buy in tournaments. The organizers guarantee a minimum prize. If the pool formed by the buy-ins is short then the organizers put in the difference.
  • Free slots tournaments: These are sponsored events. Usually the prizes are the products of the sponsors. Sometimes the casinos sponsor a cash prize in order to promote the casino.