Online Slots Tips - How to Win at Online Slots

A look at some of the best online slots tips, what a slots players should and should not do and how to increase winnings at online slots.

A list of don’ts

    • Players who are new to a casino should not start playing on the first available slots machine.
    • Different slots machine offer different payout percentages and it does not make sense to play on machines that offer lower percentages. The regular players know which machines have the lower percentages and it is these machines that are idle. The payout percentage for a machine is usually in the fine print somewhere if at all. It is best to ask the casino operator because by law he is bound to inform players the payout percentages of the machines. It is worth waiting for a machine with a higher payout percentage to be free.


    • Players should not leave any coins in the tray.
    • This is a common error player make, especially if the winnings are biggish. In the euphoria of winning they leave some coins on the tray and only when cashing the coins realize that they are short. Meanwhile the next user of the slots machine will have taken the free gift. Finders are keepers.


    • Players should not delay in redeeming their vouchers.
    • Nowadays most slots machines are ticket machines, which print out a voucher of the balance amount. The voucher has to be redeemed at the cash counter. This voucher has an expiration time. If the player starts playing another game or goes for a bite and reaches the cash counter after the validity period, the casino will refuse to redeem the voucher.


    • Players should not stay at one machine for too long
    • If a slots machine is not providing any wins then the player should not persist and switch to another machine. Maybe it has a low payout percentage or maybe it is unlucky for him. After all slots is a game of luck.


A list of dos

    • Read the information on the slot machine carefully.
    • A lot of information is available on the slots machine. The importance of payout percentage has already been discussed. The payout table provides equally important information. It reveals whether the machine will offer many but smaller payouts or few but larger payouts and this is an important choice for the player. If the machine is a progressive slots then the jackpot amount is important. If the player watches the progressive ticker for a minute he can also gauge how fast the jackpot is growing.


    • Join the club scheme, if there is one.
    • Most casinos offer a club scheme to prevent customers from going to other casinos. The scheme offers valuable incentive like discounting losses and free plays. Usually there is no membership fee. Hence it is prudent to take advantage of such schemes. The players have nothing to lose.


    • Play progressive slots with maximum number of coins
    • Most progressive slots have a stipulation that for the jackpot to be won maximum number of coins have to be wagered. Players who do not follow this they will end up kicking themselves should they hit the jackpot with less than maximum coins.