Slots Multipliers - Winning Big with Online Slots

Yet another way that casinos and slot game manufacturers have invented to give you bigger winnings is with slots multipliers.

In the never ending competition to draw players to their games, makers of slots games and casino managers invent many ways to add excitement and increase payouts. One of those ways is with slots multipliers that boost winnings sky high. The real winner is you!

Multiply Your Winnings

A slots multiplier is a special symbol that can appear in the slot game, whether on video slots in a land-based casino or in a downloaded game from an online casino. As its name implies, its purpose is to multiply, and the thing that it multiplies is the amount of money that you win.

In its simplest form, a multiplier is an extra symbol on the payline. For example, suppose that having 3 cherries on a 5-reel slots pays out 500, regardless of the other 2 positions. But if one of those positions had a multiplier symbol, say, an apple, then 3 cherries and 1 apple would win you 1,000, double the 500 that the cherries would win without the multiplier apple.

Multiplying Multipliers

But let’s continue with that example. Suppose that you had 3 cherries, and instead of 1 apple and something else you had 2 apples. In most slots, multipliers are incremental; one multiplier doubles your winnings, a second multiplier at the same time triples your winnings, a third one quadruples the payout, and so on. So for 3 cherries (worth 500) and 2 apples (together worth 3x - triple) your winnings would be 3x 500, or 1500. And that’s just for starters....

The Wild Side of Multipliers

It’s common in slots games to see that the slots wild cards are combined with the slots multipliers. In our example, if the apples were also wild cards then you’d need less cherries to win. Each apple, being wild, would be able to substitute for a cherry. So having 2 cherries and 1 apple on your payline would be the same as 3 cherries, only doubled. You’d win the double of the 500 for 3 cherries, or 1000, for the 2 cherries and 1 wild card, multiplier apple. But if you think that’s the only trick in slots multipliers, you’re wrong. Those gaming geniuses who cook up these slots have even got another trick under their sleeves. Read on.

Multipliers on the Line

For some games, the scatter symbol is also a slots multiplier. In those games, the scatter multiplier doesn’t even need to be on the payline. It’s enough that the multiplier shows up anywhere on the screen and your earnings have been boosted. For our example, you’d have 3 cherries on your payline, and an apple anywhere on the screen, in any reel and on any other line, and your 500 would still get doubled to 1000. That greatly increases the odds of your winning big money.

All Together Now

It’s very common to see that wild cards are also slots multipliers, and that they multiply progressively. Scatter symbols are frequently multipliers, too, although not always progressive; sometimes, only one scatter symbol will appear on a slots game at one time. In those games, the scatter multiplier would combine with other multipliers, to take your winnings up to the next level. Usually, though, slots will have separate wild cards and separate scatter symbols, even if they are both multipliers. You should understand the details for the particular game that you’re playing, but no matter how they combine, you can be sure that slots multipliers mean more winnings for you!