Online Slots Rules

Slot machines come in a wide variety of types, themes and sizes. As such, although the basic premise of the game remains the same, players should still take a few minutes before beginning each new game to familiarize themselves with the specific rules pertaining to the game. In general, slot machines are purely games of chance and no strategy will change the odds of this game.

The Objective of Slots

Players need to try and get the symbols on the slot machine reels to line up and therefore win according to the pay table displayed on the machine.

How to Play Slots

  • Players pick a slot machine according to their preference and size of their bankroll.
  • The slot machine is fed money according to the denominations required by that specific machine.
  • Players select how many coins they wish to play, as well as how many paylines they wish to activate.
  • The SPIN button is pressed or the lever is pulled to set the reels into spinning motion.
  • The wheels come to a standstill.
  • The slot machine will pay out any winning combinations according to a paytable.

Types of Slot Machines

There are three main types of slots available in the industry today: reel slots (with three reels and 1, 3 or 5 paylines); video slots (with five reels and a minimum of five paylines) and the more contemporary Amusement with Prizes games that are based on the English fruit machines.

Most of these slot machine types are divided into non-progressive and progressive games.

Non-Progressive – These slot games are characterized by the size of their jackpot. In general, their jackpots do not change according to how many people at the machine. Players can expect to win more frequently at classic slot machines but the amount never reaches as high as progressive slots.

Progressive Slots – Progressive slots are usually part of a network of slot machines connected to one another, whether in a number of casinos or through online sites. These slot machines are known as progressive slots because their jackpots increase progressively as players feed the machines in the network. The jackpot usually starts at a base sum and swells as long as nobody wins the prize. Progressive jackpots can sometimes reach into millions of dollars. It is imperative that players remember to play the maximum amount of money in order to stand in line to win the main jackpot on progressive machines.

Bonus Features on Slot Machines

The roulette table, where players place their bets, is arranged in such a way that the 36 numbers on the roulette wheel (minus the zeroes) are represented in three equal columns of 12. Surrounding these columns are other types of bets that players may wish to wager, including even/odd bets and black/red bets.

Bonus Features on Slot Machines

Today’s slot machines offer players exciting themed games, as well as extra bonus features to make their playing more fun. Several popular features include:

Wild Symbol: This symbol, found on the machine’s reel, can substitute for any other symbol in order to complete a winning combination. Sometimes, this symbol also acts as a multiplier and will double (or triple, etc.) the payout for the combination that it completes.

Scatter Symbol: If a certain number of these symbols appear anywhere on the reels in n the slot machine, the player benefits by more credits or access to a bonus game, for example.