Betting with Max Coins in Slots - Increasing Winning Chances

Betting with max coins in slots will increase your payout potential.

What are Max Coins?

Modern slot machines allow bets to be placed with one or more coins. Max coins is the maximum number of coins that a slot machine will accept per spin.

Do I Have to Play Max Coins?

You can place your bet with one or more coins. You do not have to bet with max coins in slots, however, if you win, you will win less than if you had played the maximum coins.

The Advantage of Playing Maximum Coins

Some multi-coin slot games will give more paylines if maximum coins are played. The majority of slot machines are bonus multiplier slots. If you win when you have played more than one coin, the amount you win will be multiplied accordingly. For example: If you play one coin, and win, you will win two coins. If you play two coins, you will win four coins. If the max bet is three coins, and you bet all three coins, you will win eight coins, and not the six coins you would have expected.

Max Coins and Progressive Jackpots

If the slot machine is linked to a progressive jackpot, you will only win the progressive jackpot if you have bet max coins. If you placed a smaller bet, you will still win something, but not the ever growing jackpot which could change your life.

How Do I Know What the Payout for Playing Max Bets Will Be?

In video slot machines, the payout table generally appears on the outside of the machine case. For multi-game machines (slot machines which offer the option of more than one type of slot game), there will be an option on the menu at the start of each game to display the payout tables. For online games, the casino's website will have a page that can be viewed which shows the payout table.

Can I Afford to Place Maximum Bets?

It will cost you a bit more to place maximum bets every time, but if you manage your money carefully, it will be better in the long term as your wins will be greater. If you feel you cannot place maximum bets in a slot machine that takes larger denominations of money per spin, for example, dollar machines, it may be worth your while to play slots on a machine that uses smaller coins, such as quarter machines. In this way, you will be able to place the maximum bet which will give you the maximum payout available.

In online slot games, betting with max coins in slots is even easier as there are games that will even take the smallest denomination of coins, for example, penny slots. This makes it affordable for all players to bet max coins in their slot games.

In summary, in order to increase your winnings, you should always try betting with max coins in slots. It is worthwhile in the long run to place maximum bets because the payout is greater. It would be very disappointing to hit a jackpot and receive only a small payout because you did not place the maximum bet.