Slots Glossary - Slots Terms and Phrases

To understand the slots shoptalk one needs to know the terminology used by slots players. Slots glossary is a collection of the required terms.

Machine Related Terms

  • Candle: A light on the machine that flashes to indicate that there is a problem with the machine.
  • Coin hopper: In electromechanical the storage area for the coins that are transferred to the tray when a player wins.
  • Credit meter: In video machines the indicator that displays the credit balance of the player.
  • Electromechanical Slots: The slot machines with mechanical moving reels powered by electricity.
  • Fortune Coin: The first video slot machine invented by Fraley in 1975.
  • Liberty Bell: The first slot machine invented by Fey in 1887.
  • Loose Slots: Slot machines that offer lower payouts but have a larger number of winning lines.
  • Money Honey: The first electromechanical slot machine invented by Bally Manufacturing in 1964.
  • RNG: The Random Number Generator, which is the software that generates the random combination of symbols in video slots.
  • Reels: The number of symbols in each combination. Slots have either three reels or five reels.
  • Rollup: The sound and light effects that follow a hit.
  • Stand Up: Slot machines that are played standing up.
  • Ticket In/ Ticket Out Machines: Machines that receive ticket inputs indicating the bankroll and provide cashable vouchers instead of coins to winners.
  • Tight Slots: Slots that offer larger payouts but fewer winning lines.
  • Tilt: A malfunction in a slot machine.
  • Video Slots: Electronic slot machines that are run by computer software.

Game Related Terms

  • Bonus Games: Games offering additional payouts that are activated when certain symbols appear in the displayed combination.
  • Buy-in Tournaments: Slots tournaments in which the entry fee from participants makes up the prize.
  • Hit: To get a winning combination
  • Maximum Bet: The maximum number of coins that can be wagered on any spin.
  • Multiline Slots: Slots that display more than one combination to tally against the payout table.
  • Multipliers: Certain symbols if they appear in the displayed combination multiply the payout
  • Multispin Slots: Games in which after the first spin the player can freeze certain reels and spin the remaining reels again.
  • Payline: A winning combination.
  • Payout Table: A table that lists the paylines and the amount payable for each payline.
  • Progressive Slots: Slots in which the jackpot keeps increasing as more wagers are placed.
  • Scatter Symbol: A symbol that is designated as a scatter symbol provides additional benefits if it turns up in the displayed combination in the prescribed manner.
  • Staggered Payout: A payout table in which the payouts depend on the number of coins wagered. Usually if the max coins are wagered then the payout is more.
  • Symbols: The pictures on the reels that make up the displayed combination. In the latest games the symbols are designed to match with the theme of the game.
  • Static Jackpot: Slots that have a fixed jackpot amount.
  • Wild Symbol: A symbol that can be used as any other symbol in order to make a winning payline.