Bonus Slots - Getting the Extra Features from Slot Machines

Bonus slots are the additional features and games that are added to regular slot games to enhance playing pleasure.

Playing slots is always exciting, but if you want to make play even better and increase the fun many times over, you can play bonus slots. Many bonus slot games also have large jackpots.

What Are Bonus Slots?

Bonus slot games are the same regular slot games that you play with an additional bonus feature. Sometimes, it is simply an extra free spin thrown into your game. Other times, it could even be a bonus game, totally unrelated to slots. These games can be games of chance, or they can be games that require skills. You can win additional money in these bonus games.

Types of Games Used in Bonus Slots

There are a large variety of games that are used, as there are no restrictions and no limits as to what types of games can be added in for bonus slots - your bonus fun!

Some of the games will be as simple as picking one of a few choices. For example, there may be three pictures of treasure chests. Pick one to see if you won a bonus or how much your bonus is. Some casinos even use Wheel of Fortune as one of their bonus games. There are other games that require skill, in which you have to work something out, or answer questions. Usually, when questions are asked, there are a choice of answers on the screen and you need to pick one of the answers. If you don't know the answer, you can still take a guess, and this gives you a greater chance of winning more with bonus slots. For the more sports minded player, it is possible to get bonus games in which you might have to "take a kick" and try to get a "ball" into a goal post.

As with the great variety of themes that are found in slot games, the games that can be found in bonus slots also range over and cover a broad spectrum of fun and interesting ideas.

Where Are Bonus Slots Found?

Bonus slot games are found in land based casinos, and also in online casinos. In land based casinos, your choice is obviously limited to the slot games that the particular casino you are in has on their floor. If you are playing online slots, you can search for and play bonus slots in any casino that will bring you the most playing pleasure.

Do Free Online Slot Games Have Bonus Slots?

This varies from casino to casino. When you are playing free games, your choices are more limited, and you will need to check if the game that you are playing offers bonus slots.

Will I Lose My Regular Slot Game While Playing Bonus Slots Online?

In many slot games, a new screen will open up in order to play the bonus slots. There might also be a hold button which will ensure that you do not lose the game that you are in the middle of when you play the bonus features.