Understanding Payouts of Progressive Slots

Online progressive slots enable you to play your favorite slots game with a chance to win a much larger jackpot than you could win with regular slots.

Online slots is a game of chance, however, when you are going to win, then winning big is better. This is the way to win more money when playing online slots while playing your regular slots game. Online progressive slots have become extremely popular amongst online slot players because of the high payoffs.

Land Based Casinos Also Have Progressive Jackpots

In a land based casino, a number of slot machines are usually linked together to create a larger jackpot. Every time a turn is played on each machine, the jackpot increases. The percentage that goes towards the progressive jackpot is greater if more credits are played into a slot machine at one time. Some casinos progressive jackpots will be linked with other casinos, often in the same chain, which can make the payoffs extremely high. Some casinos link other games, apart from slot machines, into the progressive jackpot, thereby increasing the payoff yet again.

Online Progressive Slots Mean Vastly Increased Jackpots

Online casinos that offer progressive slots will link a number of their slot games, if not all of them, so that a fraction of the money bet on each play goes towards the progressive jackpot. Some online casinos join together to raise the stakes and increase the enjoyment for their players. When more than one casino joins together to make an even larger progressive jackpot, it is controlled and operated by an independent business, and not by a single gaming company. The casinos and the progressive game operator split the profits from the progressive games.

The odds of winning the jackpot in a game of online progressive slots is about the same as winning in a regular online slots game, however, the payoff is far greater. This greater payoff can be used for all kinds of improvements in the players life such as traveling the world, buying a house, a car, or even a yacht. The possibilities are mind boggling!

Important Points to Remember When Playing Online Progressive Slots

It is very important to ensure that you know the rules for the progressive slots that you are playing. In most progressive slot games, you have to play maximum bets in order to win the jackpot. If you do not play the maximum bets, a small fraction of what you play will still help build up the jackpot, but if you get the winning spin, you will win a much smaller amount and not the jackpot.

All types of slot machine games, including three reel slots, multi pay line, and others, and sometimes even other games, for example, roulette, can be grouped together to form the progressive jackpot.

As mentioned before, the odds of winning are nearly the same as winning a smaller jackpot, but the more people that play progressive slots, the greater the jackpot will be. This is one way to win a really large pay out. The amount in the jackpot is almost certainly higher than the amount that it is possible to win in any regular online slot game.