Online Slots and Land Based Slots - Different Forms of Slots

A look at the advantages of online slots over land slots and what makes people prefer one type of slot game to another.

Advantages of online slots over land slots

  • Online slots can be played from home with only a computer and an Internet connection. There is no need to travel to the slots mall. The player can play in any state of dress or undress.
  • With the advent of gaming software for mobile phones online slots can be played while commuting to work, while waiting in the doctor’s clinic, in between classes in college and practically anywhere.
  • Online slots can be played in complete anonymity using a made up log in name. No one need know how often or for how long the player plays slots or how much he has won or lost.
  • Online slots casinos incur lower costs because of their wider reach. Hence they can afford to have machines that start with very low wagers. Many online slots can be played for 1 cent a pull. This is great for someone who likes to play a lot without denting his pocket.
  • Many online slots casinos offer free versions of their slots games. Players can therefore check out the games to see if they like them before investing their money.
  • Online slots are essentially computer programs and therefore are much faster than at least the electromechanical slots
  • Online slots is evolving at a fantastic rate. Improved animation is making the games more fun to play. Multiline slots with 40 paylines are just not possible on the electromechanical land slots. Nor are features like bonus games.
  • In land casinos you may have to wait for your lucky machine to become free. And if the machine is turning out to be lucky for the present player then it may well be a long wait. This problem is not there in online slots. Any number of players can download the same slots game and play simultaneously. There is no waiting time.
  • Casino hopping is easy in online slots. Simply log out, click on the icon of the next casino on your desktop and log in there. It takes less than half a minute. The same casino hopping may take half an hour for land casinos.

Advantages of land slots over online slots

  • The environment is slots malls cannot be recreated in online casinos. The rows of slots machines, the lights and sounds, the contagious exuberance of players is something to be experienced to be believed.
  • Land slots is great for socializing. You can meet old friends and make new ones. In between slots games you can check out the latest gossip or NBA scores.
  • In land slots chips can be purchased for cash and winnings taken in cash. You need not give the casino sensitive financial information like credit card numbers or bank account numbers. There is no fear of identity theft.
  • Because land slots are switching over to video slots they can provide many of the advantages of online slots such as enhanced special effects and new features in the games.