Slots Scatter Play - Exciting Online Slots Feature

Another exciting addition to video slots and online slot gaming is slots scatter play, with a scatter symbol boosting your winnings.

There are lots of casinos and slots manufacturers competing for your business. One great idea they’ve come up with is slots scatter play. Better than slots wild cards, these symbols give you a bonus anywhere on the game. They don’t need to be in a payline! If you have a win in any payline and a scatter symbol anywhere else on the screen, you’re getting more than you would otherwise expect from the winning payout.

Scattered Across the Game

Scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the screen. They only appear in multi-row games, because in a single row there’s only one payline, and no need for slots scatter play. Don’t worry about guessing which row they’ll show up in, though, since it doesn’t matter if the row they’re in has an activated payline or not. Wherever they are, your winnings benefit. Of course, it’s always advisable to place the maximum bet and activate all of the slots paylines, and even more so in progressive slots play, to qualify for the progressive jackpot, Even with a single coin, however, the scatter symbol can turn your little win into a healthy jackpot.

Slots scatter symbols can be playful, too. They might move about on the screen, providing some extra animated excitement to the basic game play. For example, a pirate might run around the screen, and begin grabbing up the treasures in the winning payline, or wherever they appear. Or a gorilla might climb up and down the reels, eating the fruit. It’s all meant to give you more entertainment while playing the slots.

There are several kinds of slots scatter play to be aware of, each a different way for you to win more. The scatter symbol can be a multiplier, a fixed prize, or it can award you bonus rounds. In some cases it might do more than one at the same time. This usually happens when the scatter symbol occurs more often, and you need a certain number of them at one time, like two, three, or four, in order to get the extra win. For example, one cake doubles your winnings (a multiplier), two cakes give you an automatic win (a fixed payout), and three cakes give you 15 free spins (bonus rounds).

Not Just Once, Not Just Twice, But Multiple Times

The scatter symbol is often a slots multiplier. Where it is, it’s often a progressive multiplier combining with another multiplier symbol. This means that if an apple is a multiplier, and a gorilla is a scatter symbol, having a win with an apple in the payline and a gorilla somewhere else on the screen would give a triple payout. One multiplier by itself doubles the prize, and the second multiplier raises it up a notch to triple the prize.

Fix(at)ed on the Prize

In a few games the scatter symbol guarantees you a fixed prize, over and above anything you might win from any other payline. For example, two cakes give you an extra 200, no matter what else you win.

Do You Want to Play a Bonus Round?

Where scatter symbols are not multipliers they are usually used to award bonuses, usually bonus rounds or extra games, or occasionally bonus coins. When they give you bonus coins, it usually means that extra paylines get activated. But the bonus spins is more common.

During a bonus spin, your winnings are increased. For example 3 cakes at the same time triggers 15 bonus spins, during which time any winnings are tripled.