Myths About Slots - Knowing Real Slots Facts

Myths about slots abound - here are some facts to help you better understand and enjoy your slot game.

There are many myths about slots that are broadly circulated. Below, you will find some of the more well known myths dispelled.

Jackpot Winning

Myth: If someone has just won the jackpot on the machine I wanted to play at, I might as well play at another machine because now I will have no chance to win a jackpot on this slot machine.

Fact: Slot machines are operated by a computer chip that runs an RNG - a Random Number Generator. This means that the winning combinations are randomly generated and that in theory, it is possible for two jackpots to be won in a row, one immediately following another. As soon as you pull the handle, or push the button, the Random Number Generator immediately picks the combination that will appear on your screen a short time later.

Myth: If a slot machine has not paid out for a long time, it is due for a winning combination. The machine has a lot of coins in it, surely it will pay out soon.

Fact: As explained above, the RNG is what generates the combinations. The amount of time a machine has not paid out should not be taken into account when choosing which machine to play on.

Pulling the Handle versus Pressing a Button

Myth: There is more chance to win if you pull the handle rather than if you push a button.

Fact: Slot machines with handles and slot machines with buttons use exactly the same computer chip inside. The outcome is not changed by pulling a handle rather than pushing a button. The only differences are that that your playing experience may be enhanced if you pull the handle (if that is how you prefer to play the game), and that if you have to reach up and pull the handle every turn, instead of simply pushing the button, you will slow the play down and therefore use up less of your allocated gambling money for the gaming session.

Using One Coin at a Time versus Maximum Coins

Myth: Playing one coin at a time will give the player more chances of hitting the jackpot.

Fact: The computer chip that chooses the combination will not be affected by how many coins have been placed in the slot at one time. The computer chip is preset at the factory to be random, and will produce the same outcome whether you have played maximum coins, or only one coin at a time.

For many of the large jackpots and in order to win large amounts of money, it is necessary for the maximum bet to be placed for each turn.

Important Point to Remember

Be aware that there are many myths about slots around, and you should not believe them. You should enjoy the game and its excitement for what it is, a game of chance. You have as much chance to win as the next player. Whether you prefer online slots, or land based slots, simply sit back and enjoy the game without worrying whether you can control the outcome.