Online Slots Rules

Online Slots rules are amongst the simplest rules of any casino game. The rules are outlined below in order to make playing online Slots easier for you.

Online Slots rules are almost exactly the same rules as when playing Slots in a casino. The rules change slightly depending on the software that is used to play the game.

The important things for you to learn in order to play online Slots are the various types of games, how you determine whether you have won, and the terminology used for Slots.

Object of the Game

The object of Slots is to win the jackpot by getting a winning combination of symbols.

To Play the Online Game

The first step is to place your bet. The second step is to insert your coins in the slot machine. Thirdly, you need to make the reels spin. This is done by pressing a button. Once the reels have stopped spinning, you should check the payout line to see if you have won.

Various Types of Games

The first three games mentioned below are the three main Slots games to be found at online casinos.

Three Reel Slots Rules:
There can be up to five payout lines for this game: middle row, top row, bottom row, right diagonal, or left diagonal.

Five Reel Slots Rules:
There can be up to nine payout lines in this game.

Multi-line Slots Rules:
This game is the same as Three Reel Slots, however you will have six Three Reel Slots in one game. Each set of three has its own payout line, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

Bonus Slots Rules:
There is only one payout line in Bonus Slots. The payout line is the middle row. If the payout line shows a special bonus symbol, and additionally payout is made.

Feature Slots Rules:
In Feature Slots, there can be up to fifteen payout lines. This game also has wildcard symbols which are used to help make up the winning payout line.

Terminology Needed to Understand Online Slots Rules

The reels have the symbols on them and they spin around when the button is pushed. As seen above, different games have different numbers or reels. The result of each game is determined according to where the reels stop.

Payout Lines:
These are lines which will either be in a straight line, or a zigzag across the symbols on the reels. There could be only one line or multiple lines, which will show winning combinations. In multi-line slots, you can place a bet for each line, which makes play a bit more complicated, but also can increase your odds of winning.

Pay Table:
The pay table varies from slot machine to slot machine. This is where you will find the greatest differences in online slots rules. The table will show you exactly what the rules are for winning money on the specific machine you are playing on. For example, on a Three Reel Slot machine, a winning combination could be three cherries in a row. The table will show, for example, that if you get three cherries, the payout is ten times what you bet.