How to Win at Roulette

Winning in online roulette is the easiest thing in the world to do; you just have to know how.

Winning in Online Roulette

The thing that people don't understand about roulette is that it's a game of chance. You have no way of effecting the fall of the ball, however, that isn't to say you don't have control over your roulette destiny. Winning in online roulette is less to do with controlling the game, and more to do with controlling your money – so to help you do that, here's a proven system that will get you winning in online roulette in the blink of an eye.

Winning in Online Roulette – the Martingale

The martingale system is the most reliable roulette gambling system that there is, and if you want to start winning in online roulette it is the only option for you. The reason that not everybody uses the martingale every time, is because it is not the most exciting of betting strategies, however for those that are more interested in winning in online roulette than they are in huge payouts and big risks, they understand that steady winnings are the way to really end up winning in online roulette. The fundamental principle on which the martingale is based is the idea that you will always win at some point and you simply need to be prepared to maximize that win when it comes. Therefore you start with the martingale by making a first wager on an even bet. This first wager should be low, and which ever even bet you choose will be your bet for the remainder of the betting sequence. So, for example you might bet $20 on red. From this point on you must bet on the same thing every time, you must never skip a round, and you must always double your previous bet – this all applies until you win. With our example, your first bet was $20 on red; your next must be $40 on red, the next $80 on red and so on and so forth until you win. When you do win you will receive the total of the amount you bet up to that point, plus the value of the original bet. Once you win, you return to the beginning and start the cycle again.

A couple of things to watch out for

The Martingale works; do the math if you want before you start playing with money, it will always work out. There are only two things however that you need to be aware of when using the martingale system. Firstly, you have to make sure that you're not going to run out of doubling opportunities before the max bet is hit. Therefore there are two precautions you must take. You must find tables with high maximum bets, where the max allows a good number of doubles from the minimum. The other thing is that you must always start on the minimum bet – trying to jump the gun on this one simply doesn't work. Secondly, you absolutely one hundred percent stick to the system. If you fancy having a whim flutter, feel free but keep your martingale system going the whole time as well, or it just doesn't work.