Tips for Online Roulette

Playing online roulette is so much fun and a few tips for online roulette play can give the game an extra spin of excitement.

Tips for Online Roulette

Whether you're a new comer to the online roulette room or an old hand, there are a few tips for online roulette that if you're not yet aware of them will help you no end in finding your way to winning and understanding how others seem to do it so easily.

Tips for Online Roulette #1: Manage your money

People look to tips for online roulette to give them magic answers; well, here's a fact for you. Tips for online roulette can be pointers that will lead you in the right direction, but there are no secrets, and there are no shortcuts – if there were we'd all be millionaires and the casinos would be out of business. Of all the tips for online roulette, managing your money is the most important one, because if you don't execute this successfully you'll be out on your ear before you even have the chance to look at the others.

Tips for Online Roulette #2: European Wheels

What ever your feelings are regarding the Europeans versus the Americans, when it comes to roulette you should go with European every time. Every site that gives you tips for online roulette will agree that the European wheel is simply more likely to pay out than an American one. The reason for this is that the European roulette wheel has one less pocket than the American one due to it not having a 00. The result of this extra pocket on the American wheel is a 5.26% house advantage over the 2.70% house advantage on the European Wheel – therefore always play a European wheel if you can.

Tips for Online Roulette #3: Surrender

A table that allows surrender is a huge advantage over ones that don't. A lot of online casinos already offer surrender and it makes the tables much friendlier. Essentially, a casino that offers surrender can see its house advantage drop to 2.63% on an American roulette wheel.

Tips for Online Roulette #4: Know where to bet

There are some bets that just make more sense than others, and no tips for online roulette will compensate the simple act of using your brain. For example; Betting on the 0, 00, 1, 2, 3, five number bet is never a good idea – with this bet the house advantage jumps to 7.89%! On the flip side, if you want to cover a lot of possibilities, why not try a 1st and 3rd column bet, with a black bet also. This delivers you the majority of reds on the board through your column bets whilst covering the blacks too. Using your head is half the game, and you can't substitute smart moves.

Tips for Online Roulette #5: Remember what you're playing

There's skill in everything, but some things also have a strong element of chance in them – roulette is one of these things. Remember that every spin is an independent event, and you won't go far wrong.