The Fun of Live Roulette for Players

Let’s look at how you can play live online roulette in the privacy of your own home.

There are times when one cannot go to a brick and mortar casino but still want to experience that ‘live’ thrill. Let’s look at how you can play live online roulette in the privacy of your own home. You can now visit and play live online roulette in a real casino any time day or night.

Live online roulette is an exciting way to play online because you are not dealing with a simulation program; you are playing with a game that involves other ‘real’ people from across the globe. Check out these live games for the best roulette fun you can have at home.

Many of the live roulette games also have a chat feature. What this means is that players will actually be able to chat with one another throughout the game so that they can really feel like they are in the casino. Because you are playing with people from all around the world you may get to chat with some truly interesting people.

US customers might struggle to find live online roulette that welcomes them but if the rules change during the next couple of years you will be able to enjoy the next "poker" level roulette craze. The other online casinos that offer real live Roulette are few and are limited to 3 online Roulette casinos. Lets look at the casinos that offer live online roulette.

DublinBet Casino enables you to view an actual live roulette game in action with the help of the very latest web casting technology. All the results are determined by a real Roulette game played in an actual casino. You can view the live real time online Roulette game in motion, and rest assured that these results are not being generated by a PC and are totally authentic. You will be able to see and hear the dealer at all times. The wagering action is taking place at Fitzwilliam's Club in Dublin, Ireland and the live online roulette tables are open around the clock.

Dublin Bet offers live roulette. On the right side of the screen you can check out the control screen where you see and hear the live dealer. As the dealer pulls spins the roulette wheel you can see all of the players, and not just an empty room. You place your chips on the virtual roulette table and wait for the roulette dealer to spin the wheel. The other casino players are also placing their chips on the table at the same time.

VegasRed.com has live webcam dealers for live online roulette. Their current promotions include a 100% 1st deposit bonus up to $200 and a 25% 2nd deposit bonus up to $200! Receive a VIP bonus of $888 when you deposit $1600 or more! You can also earn free comp points when you play.