Using a Roulette System to Win

There are several online roulette systems that are used by professional players to try and get that extra roulette win in.

Online Roulette Systems

There are a number of online roulette systems that different people will swear work – Some of these are genuine mathematical answers for how to win at online roulette, but many are sadly a simple result of people liking to find patterns where there are none. In order to determine the makers from the jokers, let's have a quick run down of some of the most publicized of these online roulette systems.

The Martingale Method

As online roulette systems go, this one works; and that's a proven mathematical fact. This system basically picks one even payout bet and has you double your bet on it until you win. So, if you're original stake is $10, the second bet will be $20, the third will be $30 and so on and so forth. You always will win, and you'll always win back your money plus the value of the original stake. Due to its simplicity, the martingale method is the most popular of all the online roulette systems – all be it not the most exciting.

The Martingale Plus Method

The martingale plus method fits into the same category of online roulette systems that the original does. The martingale plus method works on exactly the same principle as the martingale, except that you double the bet and add one each time. So if the original bet is $10, the next will be $30, and the next $70. This extra one unit being added makes no difference to the math of the system in terms of ensuring a win, but it does make the martingale plus method one of the most lucrative of all the reliable online roulette systems.

The Anti- Martingale Method

The anti-martingale method isn't dissimilar to the martingale except that this type of online roulette system allows itself to be manipulated depending on if you're winning or loosing. Flexible online roulette systems such as the Anti-Martingale Method allows you to increase your bets whilst you're winning, and decrease them whilst loosing. This doesn't necessarily help you win more often, but rather it helps you make more money whilst you are winning. This seems a bit odd, as the martingale only keeps going with loses – but this is how it works: unlike the martingale which is endless, the Anti-Martingale belongs to the category of online roulette systems that are controlled and monitored, therefore at the beginning of a session you choose how long you want your betting chain to be and you choose how much you want your original stake to be. Let's say for example, you choose four spins and for the original stake to be $10. Now, unlike the martingale which would have you double that sake after each non-win, with the anti-martingale you only double the stake when you win. The idea of online roulette systems like this is that you maximize the win whilst limiting the loss – making an all together more exciting online roulette system, although not necessarily a more reliable one.