Playing in Roulette Tournaments - Roulette Tournament Rules

Online roulette tournaments are still rather rare, but if you're lucky enough to come across one, they're great fun.

Online Roulette Tournaments

Online roulette tournaments are not the most common of occurrences and if you're not quite sure of how one would work, you'd be forgiven. Unlike a lot of other online casino games which lend themselves very easily to tournaments, online roulette tournaments don't seem to have been adopted in the same way, but this is slowly changing. The places that offer online roulette tournaments will all have slightly varied criteria and rules, but the basics are as follows.

How do online roulette tournaments work?

Most online roulette tournaments work in rounds, and the winner of both the round and ultimately the tournament is based on who has the most number of chips. Unlike some other types of tournaments, online roulette tournaments most often allow players to cash out at any time, meaning that they can stop play when they wish and their chip count at the time will be recorded and credited to their score. In the preliminary rounds the top two place chip leaders will progress to the next round and from that round the top 2 will progress to the next round. The number of rounds will vary depending on the number of entrants, but usually in the penultimate round only one from each table will go through to the final table.

How to play in online roulette tournaments

In order to participate in online roulette tournaments you will most usually have to pay a buy-in for the tournament. This amount can vary, and it is from these buy-ins that the prizes are determined. When you pay the buy-in you are given chips, everybody receives the same amount. These are your chips for the tournament; some online roulette tournaments will allow re-buys, some won't – this is something you must find out before playing.

How many participants are there in online roulette tournaments?

The number of people partaking in online roulette tournaments is often in the thousands, certainly the hundreds. There are usually up to around 20 people playing at each of the initial tables, and there could be tens of these tables. In order to keep on top of how you are doing, and keep track of your placement, there will usually be some kind of score board available for you to look at which will display everyone's player name and their current score and position.

How to choose online roulette tournaments

The criteria that you should take into account when considering whether or not to partake in online roulette tournaments should include the date and time of the tournament, what the minimum and maximum bets are, what the prizes consist of and how many payout spots there are, and what the entry fee is.

Online roulette tournaments are great fun to play in, and add a little extra to the usual excitement of playing roulette. The great thing about online roulette tournaments is that you don't really need to learn any new skills in order to partake – if you know how to play roulette, you know how to play in online roulette tournaments.